Sugar-Free Holiday Treats for Kids

sugar-free holiday treats

Kids are amped up enough around the holidays even without the sugar overload. So, if you want to avoid the popcorn balls, candied apples, gingerbread men and peppermint cocoa, we’ve got some ideas for you. Make food fun and kids may overlook the fact that it’s healthy. Here are 13 (mostly) sugar-free holiday treats and snacks that won’t send kids on a crazed sugar spree.

1. Holiday Bagel Wreaths

Holiday Bagel WreathsSource: Kimbers Great Scott

Bagel pizzas double as holiday wreaths in this kid-friendly entrée. If getting your kids to eat broccoli is stretch, try dicing up red and green bell peppers.

2. Window Sandwiches

Window SandwichesSource: Laughing Kids Learn

Here’s a twist on the Linzer cookie. Use jam, peanut butter or hummus between whole wheat bread to make this healthy version of a classic holiday cookie.

3. Grinch Kebabs

Grinch KebabsSource: Nourishing Minimalism

Make fruit irresistible with these mini fruit kebabs reminiscent of the Grinch. Plus, kids get a mini marshmallow to sweeten the deal.

4. String Cheese Snowman

String Cheese SnowmanSource: No Biggie

Sharpies, ribbon and black cardstock are all you need to transform an ordinary string cheese into a festive snowman.

5. Christmas Tree Roll-Up Sandwiches

Christmas Tree Roll-Up SandwichesSource: TiramiSusie’s

Stuff green spinach wraps with your favorite sandwich ingredients. Stack them in a cone shape, decorate with cherry tomatoes and you’ve got a Christmas tree.

6. Snowman Popcorn Cups

Snowman Popcorn CupsSource: Creative Kid Snacks

Popcorn can actually be a healthy whole-grain snack as long as you don’t load it up with too much butter and salt.

7. Mouse Baked Potatoes

Mouse Baked PotatoesSource: My Paper Crane

Peas, carrots and dried spaghetti are all you need to make mouse baked potatoes that are sure to be the hit of the kid’s table.

8. Santa Belt Snacks

Santa Belt SnacksSource: Creative-Food

An easy afterschool snack with a touch of holiday humor. This is one that kids might have fun assembling themselves.

9. Hard Boiled Egg Snowman

Hard Boiled Egg SnowmanSource: Project Tot

Using herbs as the arms is a stroke of genius, but you can also use pretzels to make it a little more kid-friendly

10. Snowman Dip

Snowman DipSource: Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

The veggie platter has never looked so good. And there’s just something so ironic about dipping that carrot nose.

11. Snowman Fruit Platter

Snowman Fruit PlatterSource: Mom Endeavors

If fruit’s more your style, use clementine’s to make a snowman centerpiece and surround it with your kid’s favorite fruit.

12. Veggie Christmas Tree

Veggie Christmas TreeSource: Little Nummies

Use a cookie cutter to make the star shape that adorns this festive after-school snack.

13. Reindeer Water Bottles

Reindeer Water BottlesSource: Woohome

What better way to wash down all of these healthy snacks then with a refreshing bottle of water dressed like a reindeer. A simple DIY anyone can master!


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