Style Resolutions: 3 Tips to Transform Your Look in 2015


It’s the New Year and with the commencement of another year usually comes a desire for change – whether it’s a life-altering decision such as a big move to another city or state, a new job, or as simple as just wanting to dramatically transform your look. Change is sometimes good and there is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting it, especially when it comes to physical appearance. It may seem like a cliché, but if you’re ready for a new you in 2015, here are three easy tips for style resolutions.

1. Experiment with your hairstyle.

Experiment with your hairstyle

A change in one’s look is almost immediately obvious in a hairstyle because it plays a significant role in our appearance. If you’ve always had long hair, try a mid or shoulder-length. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, perhaps you can try a bob-cut. It can also be as simple as cutting your bangs!

Changing your hair color without cutting it will also do. If you’ve always gone dark, try lighter and brighter dye. If you always have it light, try a darker one. If you have a straight hair, have it digitally permed. If you have curly or wavy hair, try getting a Japanese hair straightener. Either should last you at least six months.

2. Experiment with your wardrobe color choices.

Experiment with your wardrobe color choices 

Believe it or not, but your color choices in your clothing pieces say a lot about you. Black or gray may be your favorite color but don’t let it be the color of every piece in your closet and don’t let it always be the color of your favorite staples. Try picking up your basics in different colors or mix your blacks and grays with brighter colors.

Adding a color or two is a great way to top off a look. But not only that, it also sends great vibes to people you interact with and it can pick up your mood if you’re feeling a little gloomy. Another way to do this is to add fun prints to the mix.

3. Experiment with different style trends.

Experiment with different style trends

There’s no better way to transform your style than to try trends that people aren’t used to seeing you wear. For example, if you’re always a dress pants and a fitted jacket person in the office, try wearing a midi pencil skirt and a crop or short jacket to switch it up in 2015.

On the flip side, if you’re always wearing a pencil skirt, how about wearing some fitted dress pants and match it with either a boyfriend blazer. See, sometimes, you don’t always have to change every piece that you’re wearing  to achieve a different look. Incorporate one or two new style resolutions into your regular look to achieve something different.

Another example is if you’re used to wearing jeans to have a night out with your friends or boyfriend, try a dress or a skirt and top combo.

The bottom line is you may not completely transform your look all at once. Sometimes, it might have to be a trial and error process so don’t get frustrated if you don’t like the outcome of your experiments. Eventually, you will get to a transformed style without sacrificing being true to yourself.