May The 4th Be With You: The Galaxy’s Best Star Wars Shopping

May The 4th Be With You: The Galaxy's Best Star Wars Shopping | thegoodstuff

May the force be with you on May the 4th aka Star Wars Day! We’ve searched across high and low to find the greatest Star Wars gifts and gadgets from across the galaxy. Whether you’re searching for intergalactic home decor, or out of this world Star Wars kitchen tools, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover amazing Star Wars-inspired items worthy of any Jedi Master!

Cook Like A Jedi


Image Sources (Clockwise from top left): Darth Vader Toaster: ThinkGeek | Cookie Cutters: CBA Cookie Cutter | Light Saber Ice Pop Mold: ThinkGeek | X-Wing Knife Block: ThinkGeek | Fork: A Vintage Parcel | Yoda Cutting Board: Let’s Engrave | Death Star Ice Mold: ThinkGeek

Jedi masters need top-of-the line tools in all areas of their life, including the kitchen. Harness the force and bring your food to another level with Star Wars-inspired tools like a Yoda cutting board or Death Star cookie cutters. After all, food with a Star Wars flair is just more fun. Who could resist toast from a Darth Vader toaster or light saber popsicles? Until May 7th, use the coupon code from to receive a free Star Wars Celebration pin with any $20+ Star Wars order — including the toaster and ice molds featured above — at ThinkGeek!

For Your Jedis in Training


Image Sources (clockwise from top left): Potato Heads: ThinkGeek | Mini Trooper Shirt: Tees to You | Yoda Hat: Nita Mae’s Garden | Alphabet Tees: ThinkGeek | Talking Jabba The Hut: Target | Rebel Alliance Backpack: Superhero Stuff | Vader’s Little Princess: ThinkGeek | Crayons: Extra Money for Mommy

The Star Wars franchise began a long, long time ago. Even though your children were not born at the height of Star Wars mania, they’ll still enjoy training in the jedi arts and learning about the dark side of the force. If you’re looking for a new bedtime story, try Vader’s Little Princess. Even the daughters of intergalactic warlords need to learn life’s lessons! Little ones will also enjoy dressing up the Star Wars Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads and listening to a talking Jabba the Hut action figure. You can find a variety of one-of-a-kind Star Wars clothing items for kids on Etsy, like this adorable handmade Yoda hat. Be sure to check the before making your purchase to take advantage of the latest Etsy coupon codes!

Out of This World Home Decor


Image Sources: (clockwise from top left): Yoda Pillow: The Retro Inc | Clock: Vinyl Image | Hoth Snow Beast Rug: ThinkGeek | Darth Vader Rug: The Gretest | Han and Leia Hand Towels: ThinkGeek | C3P0 Art: The Thunder Doam | TaunTaun Sleeping Bag: Comic Images

Any die-hard Star Wars fan absolutely must have a nod to their favorite film franchise in their home. If you’re a super fan looking for a bold accessory, try adding the Hoth Snow Beast Rug or TaunTaun sleeping bag to your living room for a cuddly accent piece. For a more subtle Star Wars reference, place these Han and Leia hand towels in your bathroom or add this Luke and Darth Vader clock to your office’s wall!

Clothe Yourself in The Force


Image Sources: Ewok Hooded Top: ThinkGeek | Jedi Academy Sweatshirt: Ink It Tees | Chewie Hoodie: ThinkGeek | Bow Ties: Emily Rose Couture 12 | R2-D2 Dress: ThinkGeek | It’s A Trap Shirt: Jacted Up Tees | Wookiee Mistake Shirt: ThinkGeek | Yoda Paisley Tie: ThinkGeek

One of the greatest aspects of the Star Wars film series is the variety of creative costumes. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can dress like a Jedi, storm trooper, or even a Wookiee! For a furry and festive look, harness your inner Ewok with this hooded top or add a Chewbacca-inspired hoodie to your weekend ensemble. If you’re looking for less dramatic Star Wars look, remind your friends that “It’s a trap” with this General Akbar shirt or get ready for class in this Jedi Academy sweatshirt.

Harness The Energy of The Force


Image Sources (clockwise from top left): Car Charger: ThinkGeek | Darth Vader Voice Changing Boombox: Kohl’s | Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber: Star Wars | Rebel Alliance Phone Case: Studio T7 | Death Star Bluetooth Speaker: ThinkGeek | C3P0 Ear Buds: Star Wars | Jabba The Hut USB Drive: Mimoco | Darth Vader Laptop Decal: Decal City UK

Now that kitchen, home, and closet are decked out in Star Wars-inspired gear, it’s time to add an intergalactic flair to your office and car. You can let R2-D2 help you charge your phone while Jabba the Hut stores your files, and the Death Star will blast your favorite tunes throughout the day. If you really need to feel like your favorite Star Wars character, this light saber will transform you into Luke Skywalker, and this boombox with help you sound exactly like Darth Vader! Check out the Kohl’s coupon codes from to save 20% on all Star Wars toys (including the Darth Vader boombox) through May 10th!

May the force be with you on your Star Wars shopping trip on May the 4th! Don’t forget to harness the power of the coupon codes page to help you save money on this epic holiday.


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