5 Ways to Spruce Up Frozen Meals

5 Ways to Spruce Up Frozen Meals | thegoodstuff

Let’s face it, at least once a week we all need meals that are easy to put on the table for our family. With the busy lives we lead, we have limited time to chop, prep, and bake to our heart’s content seven nights a week.

So, having a good stock of quality frozen meals in the fridge is essential to any finely tuned family week. But even though I love the bake-and-serve convenience of frozen meals, I still like to spruce them up for a unique meal! Here are my top five tips for sprucing up frozen meals with a little something extra.

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1. Use it as a stuffing

5 Ways to Spruce Up Frozen Meals | thegoodstuff

Though making lettuce wraps at home, like my Clean Eating Chicken Lettuce Wraps, can be super easy, stuffing crisp lettuce with fillings that are delicious and full of flavor like Birds Eye® Sweet and Sour Chicken can make this frozen meal pop! Just make the frozen veggies as directed and lay a scoop on each lettuce wrap. Wrap the leafy part around the top and enjoy!

Do those lettuce wraps sound delicious? Fill them up with Birds Eye® Sweet and Sour Chicken like Lori recommends and save with Birds Eye® coupons!

2. Pour it in a bread bowl

5 Ways to Spruce Up Frozen Meals | thegoodstuff

I love buying meals that are all included and ready to serve. Bertolli® Meals for Two has some amazing Italian frozen meals that include the meats, pasta, and veggies we all need to have a complete meal. But making them even more special is fun and can add to the feeling of a homemade meal.

Just make the meal as instructed, but instead of serving it directly from the skillet, pour it into a baked bread bowl. You can find the round bread you need at the store. Use a serrated knife to cut a bowl shape and pull the bread out. Brush the outer edge with olive oil and season with Italian seasoning, then bake until the bread is warm. Add your Bertolli® meal as filling and enjoy! The sauce is soaked up by the bread, making it a perfect complement!

From chicken parmigiana to lobster bisque, Bertolli® meals are a hearty yet easy way to serve dinner. Grab some round bread like Lori suggests, fill it up, and save with Bertolli® coupons!

3. Add a fun side

5 Ways to Spruce Up Frozen Meals | thegoodstuff

My girls love Italian food but, aside from spaghetti and meatballs, it can take time to make it. So I always have a Stouffer’s® Family Meals in the freezer to pull out and heat up upon request!

To make these meals pop even more, I like to add a side of bread. My Cheesy Garlic Knots are a huge hit here and a perfect addition to sop up all of the extra sauce!

Lori makes her Cheesy Garlic Knots with a can of Pillsbury® Crescent Rolls. Give this tasty recipe filled with melty mozzarella cheese a try and save with Pillsbury® coupons — and don’t forget to grab your Stouffer’s® coupons, too!

4. Lay it over salad

5 Ways to Spruce Up Frozen Meals | thegoodstuff

If lettuce wraps are just too messy, lay your favorite frozen meal over a bed of lettuce or spinach. This is a perfect spruce up for any frozen meal as it gives a crisp base and adds some green we all need to any meal.

Grab a bag of salad and try this idea out! You can even save with Fresh Express® coupons!

5. Wrap it in bacon

5 Ways to Spruce Up Frozen Meals | thegoodstuff

Source: Walmart

I can’t think of any meal that’s not made better with bacon. If you have the Stouffer’s® Family Mac and Cheese in your freezer, spruce it up by serving it in individual cups of bacon making a Mac and Cheese Bacon Bowl. These would be a huge hit in my house!

Wrap up that mac n’ cheese in savory bacon slices and save with coupons for Jennie-O® and Oscar Mayer®!

With so many ways to spruce up your frozen meals even the busiest night can still seem really special!


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