Spring Cleaning Quick Tips

Spring is in the air—can you tell by the scent of cleaning products wafting through your neighborhood? ‘Tis the season for cleaning. However, with busy work schedules and a constant stream of kids running through the house, many families would be happy to just de-clutter the surface. If serious spring cleaning is a pipe dream in your world, how about a plan for some speed cleaning?


Take these steps for a quick cleanup.

Step one: Eliminate

Get rid of garbage. Toss or recycle newspapers, food containers and empty, overflowing trashcans. Pick up clutter by going through the rooms and putting items in a laundry basket—you can sort through what goes where later.

Step two: Quickly clean surfaces

You can buy pre-moistened cleaning cloths for times when you’re racing against the clock. Obvious surfaces to wipe down include your bathroom sink and mirror, dinner table, coffee table or kitchen counter. Save now on Pledge multi-surface cleaning cloths. Quickly sweep or vacuum the floors where your guests will likely be hanging out, especially if you have pets.

Step three: Organize

Anything you haven’t thrown out or picked up at this point should be neatly arranged if it’s going to be in plain view. This applies to cushions, magazines, dishes and knickknacks.

Step four: Light a candle and relax

If it’s evening, turn down the lights and show off your home by candlelight. It will make it harder for your guests to see the dirt you didn’t quite catch and give your home a romantic, welcoming ambience. Save $1.00 on two Glade candles right now.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be an overwhelming burden. Pick things up and wipe away messes as you go, and in just a few quick steps, your home can be neat and tidy.