Save More, Clean More with these Spring Cleaning Deals – April 2015

spring-cleaning-sales Spring is in the air — flowers are blooming, birds are singing, the windows are open. Now’s the time to jump on the spring cleaning bandwagon to get rid of the winter blahs and welcome the brightness of spring. In case you haven’t already started, we’ve compiled our favorite spring cleaning tips and tricks from The Good Stuff to save you time, money, and energy. Before you get started, check out these spring cleaning deals that may help you save money while sprucing up your home.

Amazon – Get a $25 gift card with $100+ progress lighting purchase (Exp. 5/14)

Sears – Save an extra $20 off $100+ outdoor living (Exp. 5/14)

Home Depot – Shop Spring Black Friday prices now (Exp. 4/30)

Rite Aid – Save $10 off $50+ (Exp. 4/30)

Quill – Free garden stool & tool set (Exp. 4/30)

Overstock – Save 10% off for new customers (Exp. 4/30)

Best Buy – Save up to 20% off major appliances (Exp. 5/2)

Amazon – Shop patio, lawn & garden spring event (Exp. 5/14)

Best Buy – Save 20% off one small kitchen, floor care, or personal care item (Exp. 5/31)

Target – Save $10 off $50+ select paper products (Exp. 4/30)

Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products

Save time and money by making your own green cleaning toolbox. A short shopping trip is the only thing standing in between you and your own effective, nontoxic cleaning supplies. You’ll be surprised at how much of an investment a canister of salt and a couple of lemons can be.

Spring Cleaning Apps

Organize your closet, delegate chores, and keep track of your to-do list all with the help of an app or two. There’s an app to help with nearly everything, and spring cleaning is no exception!

Clean with Vinegar

One of the least expensive cleaning agents is also one of the most environmentally sound — vinegar can do wonders on your home, from carpets to windows. Have a stubborn carpet stain? Soak a towel in vinegar, lay it over the stain, and iron over it. The stain will transfer from the carpet to the towel without the need for harsh chemicals.

Cleaning with Salt

Salt is another easy to find, inexpensive, nontoxic cleaner. Want some help with your kitchen sink? Rub it down with salt and lemon to scrub away stains and odors.

Cleaning with Lemons

Most people love the smell of lemons and they’re extremely effective at helping keep your home clean. Try making your own glass cleaner with rubbing alcohol and lemons for a streak-free shine that smells great.

Lemon Gel Air Freshener

If lemons are your thing, you’ll love this DIY lemon gel air freshener. A few simple ingredients is all it takes to get your home smelling fresh and clean without any harsh chemicals or fragrances.

Is this really the #1 Cleaning Hack on Pinterest?

Check out what a little bit of original blue Dawn and some white vinegar can do for tough soap scum, all for just pennies. Save on your purchase with this coupon for Dawn dishsoap.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garage

When you get your spring cleaning operation underway, don’t forget your garage! Follow these quick tips to get your garage in tip top organizational shape.

Spring Cleaning Quick Tips

If you don’t have time to pull out all the stops with your spring cleaning, check out these quick tips for a clean home in a fraction of the time. Speed cleaning is a thing, and it’s possible to accomplish these tasks in a short amount of time.

25 Genius Uses for Baking Soda

From toilets to rugs to sinks to kids’ retainers, baking soda can do just about anything. Clean just about anything with this cheap yet effective cleaning product.

Banish Acne Causes by Cleaning These 3 Germ Sources

If acne is something you struggle with, make sure to add these items to your spring cleaning list.

This Sponge is the Only Cleaning Weapon You’ll Ever Need

This sponge can do just about anything — a powerhouse tool to clean the dirtiest of the dirty. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will save you hours of scrubbing, and get those things you thought were a lost cause shiny and new.


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