6 Apps that Make Spring Cleaning a Snap


Can you smell it? It’s the scent of cleaning products wafting through the air as spring cleaning season kicks in and people begin to sweep winter out of their homes. It can be a huge undertaking, getting your house all refreshed for spring.

Need some help? We can’t actually wash your windows, but we can point you in the direction of a few little assistants. Check out these mobile apps designed to make cleaning a little less stressful.

For organizing your tasks: Spring Cleaning Checklist (Android)

Spring Cleaning ChecklistSource: play.google.com

In addition to helping you create lists for every room of your house, Spring Cleaning Checklist gives you tips for organizing family spring cleaning days, includes video tips and tricks, and features music you can listen to while cleaning your home. You may want to use this beyond the spring cleaning season.

For organizing your tasks: Cleaning Checklist (iPhone)

Cleaning ChecklistSource: itunes.apple.com

This app helps you manage household cleaning tasks and activities. Pick a room, select the tasks you want to complete (e.g., make bed, dust, clean closet) and check off when tasks are completed. One cool thing about this app—it shows you what percentage of the room is clean so you can quickly see which rooms still need attention. You can also set personal task reminders such as “Cleaning Supplies” that will remind you what to pick up at the store.

For a virtual personal assistant: FlyHelper (Android)

FlyHelperSource: play.google.com

FlyHelper not only helps you keep your home clean and your life up to date, but you have access to great reminders from the FlyLady herself  like “take a few minutes for yourself” or “check your calendar for tomorrow’s events.” Track everyday/weekly repeating tasks, control how you clean your home by creating zones, plan a menu for the week and consult with FlyLady to know which zone you should work on each day.

With your kids: Chore Bank (iPhone)

Chore BankSource: itunes.apple.com

If you have kids, enlist them in cleaning duties with the help of the Chore Bank app. It allows you to create a virtual bank account for each child. Set up a chore list and assign a monetary value to each chore. When your child completes a chore, you check it off the list and the value of the chore is added to that child’s account.

For your closet: ClosetSpace (iPhone and Android)

ClosetSpaceSource: itunes.apple.com

Once your house is spic and span, it’s time to tackle the closets. Stylitics lets you create a virtual closet so that you can easily view all the items you have and create outfits without having to take the clothes off the hanger. Plus, there’s an integrated calendar that tracks the last time you wore an item or outfit, making it easier for you recognize when to donate or sell the stuff you don’t wear.

For selling unwanted stuff: Close5 (iPhone and Android)

Close5Source: play.google.com

Sell with a snap! Skip the garage sale and get rid of your clutter in a less time-consuming way. Much like a digital yard sale, Close5 allows you to snap a few smartphone pics of your unwanted goods and have them up for sale in seconds. Neighbors, friends and others within a five-mile radius can see what you have to offer and contact you to make a purchase.


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