Spring Break Packing List: City Break


If you’re not the typical spring breaker who would go on a beach getaway or even a mountain hideout, then maybe you would rather enjoy a city escape. This adventure would be full with a roaring night life and a lot of sightseeing. We’ve got the details on what you add to your spring break packing list when you travel to a big city. Whether you’re going to New York, Los Angeles or even Paris, here are your city break must-haves.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Map Case: If you’re visiting this city for the first time, then it would be wise for you to carry a map so you don’t get lost. Yes, we know you can get just about everywhere with your smartphone these days, but keep an actual map handy in this smart map case just in case your phone is low on battery and you need to get back to your hotel. Find one at Sunny Sports and get a deal with our Sunny Sports coupons!
  • Swimsuit: No, this isn’t necessarily a beach vacation, but you could spend a couple days lounging around your hotel pool in the big city. Be sure to pack at least one swimsuit to soak in the water and the fun. Try this cute one from Old Navy and use our Old Navy coupon codes to save big!
  • Event Tickets: From museums to live performances, every city offers a variety of adventures that require a ticket for entry. Get a good deal on your tickets by using CityPASS to search for your destination and save on top attractions with CityPASS coupons.


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