9 Ways to Make This Year Even More Memorable


We live in a world where it’s easier to take photos than ever; our phones come equipped with awesome digital cameras and easy-to-use editing software that makes it a snap to channel your inner paparazzo. But there really is something nice about actually seeing those photos in real life to appreciate the little details you might not see on screen.

This year, why not take some of your favorite memories from the past year and create a custom photo project? A personalized photo book or calendar is a sentimental gift that your recipient will truly treasure every time they look at it. Here are 9 creative ways to commemorate 2016 for your loved ones.

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For the New Parents: A Baby Milestone Calendar


When there’s a new little one in the family, every month brings all sorts of new surprises and developments. While the equally new parents may have been too exhausted to truly appreciate it all, there’s likely hundreds of photos of all those special milestones. Try gathering a photo from each month of the tot’s life and lay them in out in a cool custom calendar. As mom and dad flip through the year, they’ll have a fun memory of where their little one was last year and how different they look and act today.

Design Inspiration: The Bric-a-Brac layout would be perfect for a baby calendar!

For the Globetrotter: A Tour Between Pages


Did your son or daughter just return from a trip around the world? Are your empty nesting parents living up their retirement years? Collect some of their snaps from abroad and craft a special travel photo book that’ll give them a taste of their multicultural adventures from the comfort of their own living room.

For the Grandparents: A Seasonally Themed Celebration


There’s always something to celebrate throughout the year – so why not showcase photos of how you did just that? If the grandparents weren’t able to join in all the festivities, a colorful calendar with seasonal backgrounds is a cool way to capture the magic of everything from their cute Halloween costumes to their first Christmas concert.

Design Inspiration: The Seasonal Watercolors layout will complement every holiday.

For the Newlyweds: A Wonderful Wedding Photobook


The happy couple will have plenty of professional photos to ooh and ahh over, but chances are the guests at the wedding took plenty of cool candid shots as well. Try reaching out to your friends and family members to see if they’ve got any favorite images from the big day. Gather them together in a pretty wedding book and encourage well-wishers to share some memories from the wedding as well, which you can add via text. The result is a fun perspective of the festivities from the guests’ perspective!

For Your Cool Niece: An Instagram Gallery


Young adults are quite possibly the most avid shutterbugs of all time, with photo sharing a daily part of their lives. You can gather some of her most-liked photos off Instagram and put them into a calendar. Not only will it help keep her organized in the New Year, it’ll be a fun reminder of all the fun times the previous year held.

For Your Parents: A Throwback Masterpiece


Mom and dad invested in a whole lot of film to take photos of you as a kid – so why not treat them to something fun back? Gather a dozen of your favorite childhood photos and gather your siblings to recreate them. Use a fun calendar template that allows you to put them side by side, and put a smile on their face with each month flip.

Design Inspiration: The Woodblock Seasons layout is perfect for this retro idea.

For Your College-Bound Kid: A Way More Personal Yearbook


It’s totally normal to feel a little bit of homesickness when you’re heading off to college. One way to soften the blow? Forgo the bulky yearbook and pack a personal one where your child and their friends are the stars. Use photos from throughout their childhood, or focus in on their high school years. They can use it to share a bit of themselves with new college friends, or take a peek at what’s waiting for them back home during breaks.

For Your Forgetful Sibling: An Event-Focused Diary


If you have a relative that definitely intends to send out a birthday or anniversary greeting but can never quite remember when they’re supposed to happen, a one of a kind calendar can be a friendly reminder. Use each month to highlight a snapshot of last year’s big events – like your wedding, the birth of your nephew, or your parents’ big anniversary – and they’ll not only see how you spent your year as a family, but what to look forward to in 2017.

Design Inspiration: Make it POP with the Watercolor Brights layout.

For the Little Ones: Childhood Time Capsules


The kids won’t start creating a gallery of selfies and silly filter-enhanced photos until they have their own phones. Until then, consider creating a personalized photobook of each year of their lives, and save it for when they’re older. Add in photos taken from their perspective, drawings, and favorites for a cool time capsule of who they were at every age.