Holiday Cards So Cute No One Will Throw Them Away


Holiday Cards So Cute No One Will Throw Them Away | thegoodstuff

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we’re in the home stretch for the holidays. If you’re already working on your to do list – like shopping for gifts and picking out a tree – don’t forget to squeeze in some fun with the family! One great holiday task you can work on together is your family Christmas card. From coordinating some fun photos this weekend to creating a mini-assembly line to get your cards out the door, here are 11 ways to get set for the Christmas season while enjoying some family time.

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Taking Your Photos

There are plenty of opportunities to take amazing photos that’ll work perfectly for your custom greeting cards. Here are a few of our favorites:


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Babies It’s Cold Outside

Bundle up the kids and send them outdoors for a nature-inspired shoot. Matching sweaters are a great starting point, but you can also try wrapping them in a blanket for a snuggle-inducing moment (and probably some hilarity!)


Decorate as a Starting Point

If you’re planning on decorating this weekend anyway, use it as an opportunity to take some candid (or posed) photos of the kids getting in on the action. The seasonal décor gives any image a magical feeling, plus you’ll be getting the house ready at the same time.


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Festive Family Kickoff

For many families, Thanksgiving is a time to kickoff some family traditions leading into Christmas. Whether you pick out your tree, visit Santa, or simply enjoy a warm cup of cocoa together, take some snapshots this weekend to give your photo Christmas cards an instant festive vibe.


Get Candid in the Kitchen

Getting a head start on holiday baking? Enlist the kids to help you – and a family member to take photos. You’re bound to get some adorable images, plus the kids will have a blast lending a hand (and tongue) to your baking project. For a special treat, try picking up a gingerbread house to work on together.


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Dress for the Season

Christmas PJs, Santa hats, ugly Christmas sweaters – the possibilities are limitless for how you can coordinate your kids’ clothing for your seasonal photoshoot. Whatever you choose, it’s pretty much an instant way to make everyone feel the holiday spirit in your custom greeting cards.


Head Outdoors

After a big Thanksgiving meal (or two), get the family together and off the couch for some outdoor fun, like sledding or ice skating. If it’s too warm out for snow, try visiting an indoor skating rink or rake the leaves together. Keep your camera handy for all those special moments you capture!

After Your Photos

Once you’ve found the perfect picture for your holiday cards, the next step is to gather the family round to help you send it out. Here are a few fun ways you can get everyone in a crafty mood:


Photo Source: Crafty Morning

Start Stamping

Want a fun, affordable way to customize your envelopes? Create Christmas-themed potato stamps for next to nothing and let the kids go wild stamping the envelopes.


Photo Source: Real Mom Kitchen

Set Up Snacks

If you’re rallying the troops to help you send out an army of Christmas Cards, set the mood by creating healthy, kid-friendly snack platter. This simple recipe uses items you likely already have in the fridge, but will be seen with fresh new (festive) eyes by the little ones.


Photo Source: About Family Crafts

Repurpose Old Cards or Extras

Have extra cards at the end of everything? Looking for something to do with past cards you’ve had leftover or received? There are some easy Christmas crafts the family can get in on. Try making a paper chain garland to decorate the house, or create little trinket boxes and fill them with candy for your kids to distribute to classmates and teachers closer to Christmas.