Smoothie Guide 101

We’ve created this easy Smoothie Guide 101 to help you determine which ingredients will go well together in your smoothies. Pick and choose what you like from our list, which includes everyday eats that you’d likely find in your fridge; adventurous add-ons that you can check off on your grocery list; and even more specialized, gourmet ingredients that your inner foodie might find at your local farmer’s market (or Whole Foods).



Re-create some of our favorite and easy recipes for your enjoyment!
Triple Threat Fruit Smoothiekitchme smoothie

Peach Pie Smoothiepeach pie

Green Smoothie
green smoothie


tips for kids copyIt’s hard for kids to get their daily fruits and veggies in. But with these quick and easy tips, you will have your kids drinking smoothies in no time.

  1. Add a straw. Kids love using straws when drinking. An even better choice–crazy and twisted straws.
  2. Add something extra on top. Add a little surprise on top, like whipped cream, chocolate shavings or fruit slices.
  3. Start with easy greens. Include spinach in your smoothie for the mildest flavor.
  4. Style it up. Put your smoothie in a pretty glass or even a desert bowl and serve it with a spoon.
  5. Make a slushy. Turn your smoothie into a slushy by adding ice or frozen fruit for a healthy replica of an Icee.