12 Smartphone Apps That Will Save the Day



Everywhere we look, someone somewhere is taking a selfie, texting, Snapping, Instagramming, and Tweeting. Our lives have never been this well documented! But more than just sharing every detail of your life with the world, smartphones are advancing with better and more sophisticated apps that are truly helpful and can bail us out in some sticky situations.

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Smartphone Apps for Travelers

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When you’re driving in an unfamiliar area and in need of a fill up, GasBuddy can get you to the closest service station before it’s too late.


Traffic is the worst. Get the best, quickest route to your destination with real-time information about traffic and road hazards. Whether it’s a stalled car causing a backup or flooded road that causes a re-route, Waze keeps you up to date.

“Waze has definitely saved me many times on my way to Cincinnati. There are two ways I can get off the expressway to my office and if traffic is backed up it knows to route me the other way.” — Ann D., mom of two and non-profit fundraiser

Overdrive Media
When you’re bored on a road trip or just need to whittle down your list of books to read, Overdrive can save the day. Borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local library via your smartphone!

“I can borrow electronic and audio books with my library card! Helps me get through mundane chores and makes my life a little brighter.” — Megan R., esthetician and mom of three

For shoppers


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Apple Pay / Android Pay

When you need coffee or lunch and you left your wallet at home, pay with your phone! Setting up a secure payment process on your smartphone can totally bail you out in a sticky situation! Forget your wallet at home? Pay with your phone, it’s simple and secure. Need coffee or have a hungry kid in the back seat? Your phone has your covered.


When you need a vacation, but saving money isn’t your strong suit, let Qapital save the day. Round your purchases up so gradual savings doesn’t have to feel so painful!

“I love Qapital! It helps you save- you can round up or create a rule. For example, I have it set up so if I go to Starbucks, I save $1. And you can save toward specific goals. I’m saving for a trip and have saved $25 in 2 weeks. It’s money that I’m not otherwise missing and makes saving fun!!” —Kelli J., design researcher

Amazon Prime Now

When you’re in a tough spot and out of something important, Prime Now is the personal assistant you never knew you had. While Prime Now isn’t available in all areas, it can be a lifesaver! Out of milk? Prime Now has you covered.

“Prime Now is awesome when you realize you’re on the last roll of toilet paper. Or you need snack for your kid’s class in the morning. Or you don’t have a present for the birthday party you’re attending after nap.” — Megan N., freelance writer and mom of two


Paprika is an app that helps you organize your recipes, make meal plans, and create grocery lists. Sync data from all your devices so shopping lists are accessible to everyone in the family.

For the health conscious



When you’re making a plan to get healthy and you want to be able to see your progress, your smartphone can store your mileage, elevation, and route information.

Charity Miles

When your exercise plan is failing and you need some motivation to keep moving, try giving your miles purpose. Whether you’re walking, biking, hiking, or even shoveling snow, know that a world-class charity will receive a donation on your behalf. The current challenge period has a sponsorship pool of over $500,000 to be given to charities based on the number of miles pledged to each one.

For families



When you’re pulled in so many different directions and you can’t keep it all straight, let Cozi save the day. Keep track of soccer practice schedules, school events, and career obligations in one place.

“Cozi is a lifesaver for busy families! Color coded calendar keeps us up to date, to do list, and shopping lists. It can be accessed on computer, Android or Apple. Everything is visible on all devices so everyone knows what is needed and where to go.” — Kerri E., mom of 2

Kinsa Thermometer and App

When you’re just trying to keep your head above water, but there are other people you’re responsible for. Use your smartphone to track medications and temperature, along with other symptoms, with the option to add a profile for each family member. (Thermometer sold separately, $24.99.)

“I lose and break every fancy thermal/ear/whatever thing I buy. I LOVE my Kinsa and it keeps a running memory of the whole family not just the last time I took it.” — Jillian W., mom of one

Our Pact

When you’re trying to keep your kid from wasting away on the internet, but can’t be in two places at once, there’s an app for that!

“Our Pact enables me to remote parent my 13-year-old. I can control her access to the Internet from work or anywhere, but she can still text me. She can text about what she needs to do before she can get internet access and then she can send me pictures of her homework or clean room or whatever she has done, as proof. It’s a little labor intensive but it makes it possible to work and care for our other kids while also caring for her.” —Shellie R., children’s librarian and mom of four

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