Why a Smart Home is a No Brainer



You already know about all the awesome convenience and benefits of have a smartphone or tablet – but did you know what smart technology can do for your house? Enter the smart home, a newer term that references homes outfitted with electronics that can be controlled remotely by your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Smart home products can apply to the most basic functions of your home, like heating and lighting, as well as bonus features like security or entertainment systems. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your home smarter, try visiting Newegg. They have an entire collection of smart home products to get you started – and here are just a few awesome reasons why you should check them out.

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1) Save Money!

Most of us aren’t home all day long, so it rarely makes sense to heat or cool our homes while we’re away. Smart home devices extend to digital thermostats that can be remotely controlled from your smartphone, giving you more flexibility than a typical programmable thermostat. Using less energy to regulate your home’s temperature means lower utility bills – what’s not to love about that?

Smart Product Pick: Nest Wi-Fi Smart Learning Thermostat – $291.05 from Newegg


The Nest Learning Thermostat’s coolest feature is right in the title. It actually ‘learns’ your patterns and behaviors by keeping tabs on what temperature you like at what times, as well as when you’re home, and then sets up its own program to be as efficient as possible. If you ever deviate from the norm – like heading home early when you’re feeling unwell – you can tap into your thermostat from your phone and adjust it so things are nice and toasty upon your arrival. Bonus! Many organizations are offering rebates for picking up this energy efficient product, saving you even more money.

2) Be Green!

While you’re saving money on your energy bills, you’re also saving the environment. Smart home devices are particularly great if you’re the forgetful type – for example, if you forget to unplug something, you can remotely shut it off using your device

Smart Product Pick: Belkin WeMo Insight Switch – $72.87 from Newegg


Have you ever heard of the term ‘vampire electronics’? Leaving a device passively plugged in all day – like your coffee maker or Christmas lights – can be a major drain on your energy usage. This neat gadget allows you to monitor how much energy each plug in your home is using and shut off whatever is plugged into it with the click of a button on your phone or tablet. You can even use it for things like monitoring how long your child is watching TV, and simply shut it off when they’ve maxed out their daily screen time.

3) Design Envy!

Apart from the obvious eco-friendly benefits of adding smart home products to your life, let’s not forget there’s an actual cool factor at play. Nearly all smart home products have a sleek and modern look. Also, smart home products come from innovators who very much consider function and form in tandem. This means many products have extra features you won’t find in standard, non-smart products.

Smart Product Pick: Philips hue LED White and Color Ambience Starter Kit – $199.99 from Newegg


This cool kit contains three LED bulbs that can be adjusted via your favorite device for brightness and color. Yes, color – with 16 million options to choose from, you can easily create ambient mood lighting in every room of your house. If you’re wondering about the price, this kit also contains a wireless bridge that allows you to control up to 50 different Philips hue and Friends products from your device. LED bulbs cost almost nothing to use and generate minimal heat – saving money has never looked so good!

4) Make Life Easier!

One of the goals of most smart home products is to make your life easier. After the initial install is over, in most cases you’ll find your new smart home items actually solve one of life’s pesky problems.

Smart Product Pick: August Smart Lock – $199.99 from Newegg


Tired of forgetting your keys? Worried about the kids losing theirs? Don’t have time to let that repairman in? The August Smart Lock solves all of these problems by allowing you to wirelessly lock and unlock your door. In fact, it actually recognizes when you’re approaching the door via your synced device, and automatically unlocks for you – no more fumbling with keys when your hands are full. You can also grant visitor passes for set periods of time, if say, you know a family member or friend is dropping off a parcel or letting your pet out.

5) Be Entertained!

Smart home devices are great for saving money and the planet – but they’re also just plain fun! Many of the original products in the connected home category all relate back to entertainment, like wireless speaker systems so you can quickly adjust the volume and the song playing without leaving the dinner table.

Smart Product Pick: Google Chromecast – $35 from Newegg


A smart home doesn’t have to be an expensive one. This neat little dongle from Google plugs into your TV’s HDMI interface and connects to your computer or device via Wi-Fi. From there, you can ‘cast’ (short for broadcast) your choice of web-based content onto your TV. Whether you’re streaming from a popular service like Netflix, HBO GO or Hulu Plus or simply sharing the latest cute cat video from YouTube, the Chromecast is a mighty little device that can arguably replace your cable subscription.

6) Peace of Mind!

While many of the products featured here will give you some level of peace, home security products are definitely a perfect fit for the smart home revolution. Whether you go for a typical motion-based alarm set or a more robust video system, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get notifications on your phone or device if something goes awry, allowing you to act that much quicker. Hi-def cameras and streaming make it easier than ever to protect your home.

Smart Product Pick: Ring Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell – $230 from Newegg


Want to know who’s at the door? Skip the old school peephole and use Ring. It transmits high quality video to your connected device, allowing you to see who’s there – even if you aren’t home! You can also interact with your visitor, and the device doubles as a security camera by automatically recording when it detects motion with its wide-angle lens. Video can be backed up to the cloud to reviewed at any time in case an incident occurs.


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