5 Skinny Cocktails to Help You Stick to New Year’s Resolutions


January is a month where we all feel the effects of the holidays in our routines and in our waistbands. If you’ve decided to make changes to your lifestyle that have any relation to the word “skinny,” we’re right there with you! In the hopes of setting those healthy, calorie-conscience resolutions in place, we’ve decided that our 2015 focus with cocktailing would be making smarter choices and enjoying alcohol in moderation, not eliminating it completely.

To point you in the right direction, we’ve put together some resources to help you make the right choices to ensure you’ll keep those resolutions on track. Here are some excellent skinny cocktails for you to try. The good news is hard alcohol is fairly figure-friendly: a standard ounce-and-a-half pour of any 80-proof spirit, whether it be vodka, whiskey or rum, has just about 100 calories.

Skinny Cocktails

Skinny Superfruit Sangria

Skinny Superfruit SangriaSource: liquor.com

Made with VeeV Acai spirits, this on-the-rocks cocktail can be garnished with chunks of fresh seasonal fruit.

The Skinny Bikini

TheSkinnyBikiniSource: drinkwire.liquor.com

If the name isn’t enough inspiration by itself, maybe you’ll be tempted with the X-Rated fusion liqueur which is an ultra-premium vodka infused with flavors of blood oranges, mango and passion fruit. Yum!

Skinny Ginger Mule

Skinny Ginger MuleSource: drinkwire.liquor.com

This interesting new twist on a traditional classic brings the calorie count down with diet ginger ale and some shredded ginger, accented with fresh basil.

Skinny ’80s Cocktails

Skinny 80s CocktailsSource: eatdrinkandbeskinny.com

Forget just one cocktail, how about throwing a cocktail party with 3 cocktails straight out of the 80’s?! Grab your leg warmers and a Rubik’s cube and relive the decade with a LOT of fun without a lot of calories.

TY•KU Skinny Cocktails

ty ku

We made a great discovery this year that is perfect to share during this calorie-conscience month. We found a line of alcohol that is great tasting, award winning and naturally low in calories.

The company is called TY•KU and their line of three liquors: Soju (only 60 calories ~ 1/2 the calories of vodka), Citrus (the bottle even glows) and 3 Sakes will have you mixing cocktails with half the calories and double the flavor. If you think Sake is only for sushi night, you’ll be happily surprised by the list of skinny cocktails you can mix using the recipes.

Skinny Cocktail Books

Another great cocktailing resource can be found right at your local library or favorite bookstore. If you’re ready to make some lifestyle changes and really want to commit to reducing your cocktail calories, there are a several great books on the market that can help you focus your mixology in the right direction. Just like a cookbook for the kitchen these little wonders are chock full of great ideas to keep skinny cocktails exciting.

SkinnyTinis  All the fun for half the calories by Teresa M. Howes

SkinnyTinisSource: amazon.com

This paperback provides recipes for cocktails that average only 142 calories each, but have the same great flavor as their full-calorie counterparts.

Skinny Cocktails – The only guide you’ll ever need to go out, have fun and still fit into your skinny jeans by Ray & Jaclyn Foley

Skinny Cocktails BookSource: amazon.com

This cute little book is filled with advice (zero-carb liquors, etc.) and so many good recipes that you will have fun simply exploring the recipe menu. Compiled by bartenders, so you know it’s good stuff!

Hungry Girl Happy Hour – 75 Recipes for Amazingly Fantastic Guilt-Free Cocktails and Party Foods by Lisa Lillien

Hungry Girl Happy HourSource: amazon.com

A treasury of low-calorie, low-fat cocktails recipes along with healthy appetizer recommendations to keep you on track!