Simplify With 12 Brilliant Holiday Storage Hacks


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but can also be the most stressful. With all the holiday festivities, the last thing you need is to spend oodles of time packing up and sorting through a mess of decorations. These storage solutions make post-Christmas cleanup a breeze, and they’ll save you time and frustration when setting up next year.

1. Stuff Valuables in Your Stocking (exclusive to The Good Stuff!)

Stuff Valuables in Your Stocking

No need for bubble wrap! Fragile holiday knick knacks will be safe and sound when tucked into a thick, fluffy stocking.

2. Wrap Lights Around Clothing Hangers

Wrap Lights Around Clothing HangersSource: Sharon’s Scrapbook

Nothing’s worse than untangling last year’s lights. Save yourself major frustration by wrapping them around clothing hangers before storing.

3. Keep Tissue Paper Tidy

Keep Tissue Paper TidySource: Grace Brooke

Keep delicate tissue paper wrinkle-free and organized by storing it in file boxes or pizza boxes, or by hanging it from garment hangers. These methods make it easy to sort by color and pattern, too.

4. Sort Ornaments In Cartons

Sort Ornaments In CartonsSource: Make Life Lovely

Cartons keep ornaments safe in individual slots. Egg cartons work for small ornaments, and apple cartons for larger ones.

5. Hang Ribbon in a Slotted Tupperware Bin

Hang Ribbon in a Slotted Tupperware BinSource: Spunky Junky

Keep your ribbon spools tidy and ready for use next year by sliding them onto wooden dowels suspended in a tupperware bin. Just pull the end of the ribbons through the slots to prevent dangling.

6. Bottle Bead Garlands

Bottle Bead GarlandsSource: Tip Junky

Untangling bead garlands is an easy way to kill the Christmas spirit. To avoid it, lay a garland into a water bottle, cap it, and store, then just pour it out next year. You can fit two strands into each bottle.

7. Label Your Decorations

Label Your DecorationsSource: Better Homes & Gardens

Save yourself the confusion of trying to figure out which garland fits where. Label decorations with their intended location to preempt the guessing game when you pull them out next year.

8. Hang a Wreath in a Trash Bag

Hang a Wreath in a Trash BagSource: Amanda Davidson on Pinterest

You don’t need a fancy wreath bag. Hang a wreath on a clothing hanger and wrap it in a trash bag for an easy way to keep it un-smooshed and dust-free.

9. Make a ‘Need’ List

Make a Need ListSource: First Home Love Life

Instead of picking through boxes searching for ribbon or holiday cards that you actually used up last year, make an easy-to-access “need list” of things to buy at the beginning of the next holiday season (or on sale right now).

10. Store Wrapping Paper in a Garment Bag

Store Wrapping Paper in a Garment BagSource: The Chic Home

Keep wrapping paper rolls sorted and stashed away in a garment bag. The paper will stay wrinkle-free while taking up little space until you need it next year.

11. Stick Wrapping Paper in Shoe Rack

Stick Wrapping Paper in Shoe RackSource: Tenth Avenue South

Alternatively, you could cut off the bottoms of a canvas shoe rack, and slide wrapping paper rolls through the slots for easy behind-the-door storage.

12. Up-cycle Packages As Storage Containers

Up-cycle Packages As Storage ContainersSource: Barksdale Blessings

No need to buy dozens of expensive storage bins. Give Mother Nature a Christmas gift by upcycling gift boxes and tins as storage containers.

Forget fancy and expensive storage gear. Everyday household materials and a bit of ingenuity are all you need to keep your Christmas accessories neat and organized. Packaging up this year with care will ensure that next year’s setup is all joy, no stress.


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One more to add – ask your local BevMo for a wine carton (those used to store a case of wine) or, better yet, buy a few bottles…the separator for the bottles make it super easy to store ornaments. If delicate, I wrap in paper.

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