Simple Ways to Learn Something New



With September being National Self-Improvement Month, we thought it would be fun to share with you some simple ways to learn something new. Adding a new skill to your repertoire is one of the fundamentals of improving oneself. We’ll show you how to easily learn math, play an instrument and more.

Use GIFs to Learn Math Concepts


Math was never your best subject and most of what the teacher said went right over your head. But whether or not you’re studying this subject now, using a fun GIF is an easy way to understand how certain mathematical concepts work.

A GIF, like this one that shows you how to solve Pascal’s Triangle, makes math simpler because it provides a visual that stimulates the brain and is easier to remember than a bunch of numbers on a page.


This trick won’t turn you into a classical pianist by any means, but it will give you a quick lesson in the art of piano playing. The idea is to stick to the black keys and to keep your fingers in a specific position.

When you find where the note repeats with your left hand, you can move your right hand more freely and actually look like you’re a true musician. If nothing else, this is a good start to learning the general concept behind playing an instrument.

Try an App to Learn a New Language



As you already know, there is an app for everything–including learning a new language. Consider the Anki app as it utilizes a flash card system to help you memorize words and phrases with the help of images and audio. The shared decks will introduce 20 flashcards each day, which you can customize, to help you learn a new language.

These are just a few of the simple ways to learn something new like an instrument or a language. But before you begin, be sure to be aware of the some of the mind hacks to help you learn from meditating to compressing.


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