6 Shaving Cream Art Projects for Kids

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6 Shaving Cream Art Projects for Kids | thegoodstuff
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With summer quickly approaching — and I mean quickly! — activities for kids are popping up everywhere online. We all want those summer days to be full of fun and memories, not with “I’m bored!” But not every activity has to be expensive, time consuming, or super creative on your part.

Shaving cream art projects for kids can be fun, easy, and entertaining for hours! There are so many to choose from online, so I rounded up six of my favorites, including one I did at home with my girls, so you have these great ideas all in one place!

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  • 6 Shaving Cream Art Projects for Kids | thegoodstuff

    1. Shaving Cream Paper Marbling

    I saw this a while ago on Facebook and had to try it at home with my kids! The concept is simple:

    1. Spray a pan full of shaving cream, then add different colors of food coloring to it. Using a toothpick, knife, or other instrument, swirl it around.
    2. Place the paper on top of the shaving cream and push gently.
    3. Pull the paper off and, using a squeegee like the one you have in your shower, wipe the excess off.

    You’re left with marbled paper! You can do this on any type of paper product, like envelopes and stationery, and change out the color of the paper for a different effect, too. It’s a blast for kids!

  • 2. Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

    Teaching kids about weather and how clouds work is the inspiration behind this fun craft. You probably already have the items you need at home and the entertainment value can’t be beat!

    The object of the game is to watch as color after beautiful color filters through the “cloud,” creating a beautiful pattern in the water below. Try it out and see how entertained your kids are with this one!

  • 3. Shaving Cream Handprints

    When you mix shaving cream and food coloring you get an irresistible craft for kids! Use this idea to not only create fun handprints on paper, but to let them paint with the concoction, as well.

    Kids love to dunk their hands in the shaving cream and create art they can be proud of. Add to that the ease of getting colored shaving cream off of your kids — it’s so much easier than paint! — and you have a winning shaving cream art project all summer long!

  • 4. Shaving Cream Play Dough

    What kid doesn’t love play dough? This formula is easy to make at home, easy for kids to craft with, and easy to clean up, too! Kids can get as messy as they want with this pliable dough that can make a sandcastle and more. Let them mix it up on a big table and do the kneading for you, then add any color of food coloring you want and you have a fun craft any kid would love.

  • 5. Shaving Cream Puffy Paint

    Add some glue to a shaving cream and food coloring mixture, put it onto little baggies, then cut off the tip and you have shaving cream puffy paint that kids can create with! They can use paintbrushes, as well, and make colorful creations that will adorn your fridge for days to come. This is a super fun way to entertain them with ease.

  • 6. Sand Foam

    Put my kids in sand and I won’t hear a peep for hours! Nothing’s more fun than creating fun structures piled up high for mom to see. Sand foam is incredibly easy to make — it just takes two ingredients — and can create some fun in or out of the sun for any kid!

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6 Shaving Cream Art Projects for Kids

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