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share-love-story‘Tis the season of love and we want to hear your story—and in return, we might send a little love your way. Right now, in our Valentine’s Day sweepstakes, you can share a few lines about someone (or something) you love and get entered for a chance to win a dream vacation, plus one of several daily prizes!

Who or what has captured your heart? Tell us why you’re smitten and we’ll enter you in our big sweepstakes. First, here are a few love stories of our own from employees.

Christine and Dennis

We met in the first grade, and we often played together during recess. Dennis was the boy with a bowl-style hair cut brushed to one side, wearing overalls and shoes without socks. I was the girl in T-shirts, tights and Converse, and ready for action. I challenged Dennis to a duel on the swing one day and I won, but not without a battle scar. I bumped my head hard when I jumped off the swing, and Dennis had to walk me to the nurse’s office—that was the first time he came to my rescue.


Twenty years, later, Dennis is still my knight in shining armor. We got married a little over a year ago, and he recently surprised me with an anniversary trip to La Jolla. I love that, even after all this time, he’s still thoughtful, wanting to do things like pack my bag for a trip or fix my hair on a bad hair day. My love story goes way back, and I’m one lucky girl to get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

Helen, Roxy and Jasper

Two years ago, a friend posted on Facebook that he’d found a dog during a morning run. It looked like an English sheepdog. Since I love big dogs and had just moved to a place that allowed pets, I thought this was a sign. I walked into the shelter ready to pick up a sheepdog, but to my surprise, a 12-pound shaggy fluff ball leapt into my arms. Jasper turned out to be a Shih-Tzu mix. Oops.


Three months later, driving back from a trip to wine country, my boyfriend pulled the car over and pointed to the side of the road. A pit bull was running up and down the median—and before I knew it, I found myself running on the freeway, in my wine country dress, no shoes, chasing the dog. I grabbed her and she rode on my lap the whole way home. All 55 pounds. Some might say that running after a pit bull is not the best idea. But I would say it was one of the best decisions of my life.

Somehow, within a span of three months, I had two very different dogs in my new home, and we were all learning to coexist. These two have shown me that it’s possible to love unconditionally, even at 7 a.m. Through their eyes, I have learned to appreciate simple things: a sunny day, dewy grass and the feeling that every time I open my front door, a new adventure awaits.

Lisa and Italy

The first time I traveled to Italy alone, in December 2012, the burning question on people’s minds was, “Why alone?” Last month I went back, and the question then was, “Why Italy?” That I’m still trying to answer, especially when there are a thousand other places in the world I’d like to see. All I know is, the country of Italy and I have made a love connection that I can’t quite explain, but I am willing to thoroughly enjoy and explore this wonderful place of history, art, culture and charm. If I’m lucky, one day I may set up my laptop in a charming Tuscan villa or a beautiful flat in Positano. And stay.

To kick off the New Year, I spent 10 days in my favorite place on earth and traveled through Tuscany and Rome with a brief trip to the Amalfi coast, where I am sure to visit again. That place is a dream that you don’t want to end—an exquisite, perfect collage of colors with an endless blue sea and jagged, majestic cliffs that precariously hold houses with the most serene view on earth. Can you tell? I’m still dreaming.


But incredible landscapes and amazing views aside, I have fallen in love with the Italian people—they have captured my heart. Why? Their passion. Their love for life. Their enjoyment of simple things. Beyond that, I’m still exploring the mystery. In fact, I’ll be back in Rome in just a few weeks. Perhaps I’ll have more to share about my love connection with this beautiful country and its wonderful people then.

For now, suffice it to say that I am smitten with Italy and all things Italian. E  ‘l’ amore.

So, what’s your love story? Tell us here.


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