How to Make Sparkly Sequined Easter Eggs

Each year I try a new way to decorate Easter eggs. It’s a tradition around our home to find an option for decorating that I’ve never tried before and make some additional eggs for our Easter displays.

I don’t like to use real eggs (I want to reuse our Easter décor year after year) and I don’t dye them since that’s already been done many times before.

This year I was browsing the craft store and I noticed colorful sequins in the kids’ craft department. They were shiny and pretty and got my creative wheels turning! I came up with a fun way to decorate wooden Easter eggs with sequins, and I love how they turned out.

This is a great Easter egg craft to try with kids, and just as I mentioned, you can reuse them each year. Choose the sequin colors that best match with your decorating style, or go crazy with all colors of the rainbow. Find out how I made them below.

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How to Make Sequined Easter Eggs


Unfinished wooden eggs
Sequins in the color of your choice
• Acrylic paint
• Craft glue
• Paintbrush
• Painter’s tape (optional)

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Step 1: Paint your eggs

Easter Egg Decorating with No Dye | thegoodstuff

Your first step will be to paint the top of the wooden egg white and the bottom (where you place your sequins) with a base color. Add the white paint first, then let dry and paint the base color. Let dry completely before the next step.

Amy’s tip: Use painter’s tape to section off the base once the white paint is dry to get a clean, crisp line. This isn’t required, especially if you’re doing this craft with kids!

Step 2: Glue your sequins

Sequined Easter Egg Decorating | thegoodstuff

To complete the eggs, you’ll drizzle craft glue over the base of the egg, then roll the base in sequins. They’ll stick easily. Keep rolling until your egg base is covered. If you notice some areas where sequins didn’t attach, simply pick up individual sequins and place directly onto the glue.

Step 3: Let them dry

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Set your eggs someplace with the base end up so the sequined area can dry.

Amy’s tip: Used pill bottles with the caps off make a great drying rack for your eggs!

Once they dry, you’re going to love how sparkly and shiny they are! Kids absolutely love making these, too. Happy Easter!

Sequined Easter Egg Decorating | thegoodstuff