September Coupons and Recipes Match Up

September coupons have arrived!  Starting this month, we will be matching up our coupons with delicious recipe ideas from KitchMe.  How are you planning to use September’s coupons?  Let us know in comments.

1. Ham and Cheese Turnover 
ham and cheese turnovers
Create a quick afternoon snacks for your kids when they get home from school. Easy to eat, they’ll be gone in seconds.
Save $1 Off Sara Lee Deli
Save $0.75 Off Grey Poupon
For a healthier alternative: Save $0.75 Off Pillsbury Gluten Free Pizza Dough

2. Spanikopita Chicken Meatball with Spicy Cucumber and Yogurt Sauce
chicken meatballs
Try a new dinner recipe with a little bit of flavors to it with this unique recipe.
Save $0.60 Off Three Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables

3. Classic Tossed Salad
Or choose the option of going light. Opt out for the classic salad that’s healthy for everyone to enjoy.
Save $1.50 Off Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals

4. Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken

Add some flavor to your chicken with a sweet sauce
Save $0.75 Off Grey Poupon

5. Mexican Casserole
Mexican Casserole
Take the classic casserole and add a Mexican twist to it. Filled with lots of flavor, it’ll have you wanting more.
Save $0.50 Off Old El Paso Tortillas
Save $0.50 Off Old El Paso Products

6. Cheesecake Brownies 
Cheesecake Brownies
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this fancy recipe. Take your brownies to the next level by adding a layer of cheesecake on top!
Save $0.75 Off Two or More Betty Crocker Items

For more coupons, click here! Let us know what you thought about these dishes!


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