Savvy and Stylin’: How to Save Money on Back-to-School Clothes

save money on back to school clothes

Are your soon-to-be students ready to hit the mall? Relax. Shopping for school clothes doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are ways to save on clothes for the new school year.

  • If you have a teenage daughter, she’ll kill us for saying this, but your child does not need a brand new wardrobe for the first day of school. Replace what your kids have outgrown, allow a few trendy items and wait for a change of seasons before you buy more. By that time, you’ll be able to score some good sales.
  • During August, some states (like Texas and Florida) offer tax holidays on clothing and school supplies. Policies vary by state but limitations are reasonable. For example, in some states clothing items must cost under $100 each to apply.
  • Shop at resale stores like Plato’s Closet—they are full of “like new” and gently used clothes from top brands. You’ll also find resale deals on sporting gear like balls, protective gear, cleats and even uniforms. While, you’re there, sell back outgrown and unused gear for a credit towards your purchase.
  • Check auction sites for high-end items like those brand name sneakers your kid has to have.
  • If your children wear school uniforms, team up with other parents to buy in bulk. Some schools have a uniform exchange program where you can trade old uniforms for the next size up. And if you have a choice between white polos and navy ones, always go with the darker color, which will stay stain-free much longer.
  • Teachers and college students can get a 15% off discount at J.Crew when they show a valid school ID.

Also, back to school sales aren’t just for kids.  Some sales spill over to adults.  For example tennis shoes are on practically every kid’s shopping list, but discounts are also on adult sizes, making it a good time to upgrade your running shoes.

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