10 Super Savvy Shopping Secrets to Nab the Best Deals Ever


Who doesn’t love saving a little (or a lot of) money? Checking in with Coupons.com is a great way to stay on top of special offers from top retailers online and in-store – but if you’re really looking to save, we’ve rounded up 10 other awesome tips to help you spend less and save more.

1: Look Out for Fashion Trends on Sale


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Most fashion retailers will put items on sale about six to eight weeks after they arrive, with bigger clearance sales happening end of season. The biggest clearance periods are usually January and July – as retailers make room for spring and back-to-school clothing, respectively. During these months in particular, keep an eye out for discount codes that apply to sale merchandise. An item that was originally 20% off can become a serious steal when you add an extra 30, 40, or even 50% off!

2: Price Match


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Many discount retailers like Walmart and Target will price match – but it’s important you understand their policies. Start by looking at flyers you receive or pick up from other retailers. If you spot a great price on a must-have item, call the retailer in advance or visit their customer service desk to see what they price match and how it works. In some cases you might be able to price match right at the till – just make sure you’ve got the competitor’s flyer in hand and that it clearly states the price of the item, not just a percentage off or BOGO offer.

3: Become a Loyal Customer


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Retailers want to reward you for your loyalty – so take advantage of it! If they have an in-store loyalty program, sign up and you could be on your way to earning points for money off, or be given other special offers. If it costs money to sign up for their program, be sure to assess how much you have to spend or how frequently you have to shop for it to be worth it. Online retailers will also usually offer a discount off your first purchase when you sign up for their emails. If you have multiple email addresses within your household, you can access that discount multiple times.

4: Abandon Your Shopping Cart


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Some online retailers will send you a coupon code if you abandon your virtual cart. Add items to your cart, fill out your information, but don’t follow through on the purchase! If the retailer has a special incentive for checking out, you’ll probably see the code arrive in your inbox within 48 hours.

5: Shop Outside of the Holiday Season


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Most people wait until fall and winter to do holiday shopping. But if you know a brand or interest someone you’re buying for absolutely loves, keep tabs on it throughout the year by signing up for a company’s email newsletter or following them on social media. You’ll likely spot some great sales, giving you peace-of-mind come the holidays when they ask for something you’ve already nabbed!

6: Ask About Rain Checks


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If you scope out a great sale, only to find out an item is no longer available, you’ve got two options! First, ask the retailer if the item is available online or at another store, and whether they can put it on hold for you or ship it to your home. Second, inquire about getting a rain check. This means the retailer will provide you with a slip of paper you can bring back once the item is back in stock – but still get that bargain price. Note that some rain checks have expiration dates, so keep watch!

7: Double up on Special Offers


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When you have a digital coupon code, look out for when a retailer also discounts an item. You may be able to apply your discount on top of the store’s offer to save big time. Note that many online coupon codes won’t work on sale items – but it doesn’t hurt to try!

8: Shop the Unexpected


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You already know the big name retailers to hit for your essentials – but think about alternatives, too. For example, shopping at an ethnic food market for groceries can net you huge savings, particularly on staples like rice or coconut milk. Another great idea is visit your local dollar store. You may be surprised at what basics or things that need replacing around your home you can nab for $1!

9: Scour Social Media


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Not every offer will be right in your face. Search hashtags like #freebies #offers #discounts and #coupons on social media like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook and you may be surprised at what pops up. Oftentimes retailers and brands will create social-exclusive codes to test their reach on a social platform, so check daily to ensure you’re spotting the latest, usually time-sensitive codes.

10: Take Advantage of Coupons.com Savings Guarantee


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You already know that Coupons.com collects the best and most up to date offers and codes out there – now we’re putting it to the test! If you spot a coupon code on another couponing site that’s not on Coupons.com, visit our Savings Guarantee page to submit it. If the code is eligible (i.e. it works and is widely accessible), we’ll send you a $25 PayPal credit as a reward. Happy hunting!

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