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Imagine your friend tells you about this great concert happening next week and wants to know if you are interested in going. You go to a ticket website and see that the concert isn’t too expensive, so you go to buy your ticket.

After filling out all your contact and billing information, the total price on the ticket is much higher than you originally thought it would be. That reasonably priced ticket is now twice as expensive, if not more, because of outrageous fees. If this has ever happened to you, I want to tell you about a new website called that can help you get tickets for any sports event, concert or show below box office prices, guaranteed.


Scorebig works by acting as a ticket marketplace to help bring buyers and sellers together. First, you find the event you want to attend to see which tickets are available. Then you view the seating chart and the tickets available, organized by price range and seat quality. When you choose the tickets in your price range, the seats available for that price will be highlighted on the seating chart. You won’t know exactly where your seats are, but you’ll at least see the sections they are in. Select how many tickets you want, enter in what you’re willing to pay, and if your offer is accepted, the tickets are yours. What you offer is what you pay, no additional fees or hidden costs.


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