How to Save Money on Kids’ Clothes for Summer

How to Save Money on Kids' Clothes for Summer | thegoodstuff

Let’s just start this out by saying that, with three growing daughters, my clothing budget has gotten a little out of hand. Hand-me-downs help with some of it, but just clothing my oldest daughter who seems to grow out of things quickly can be challenging.

I understand spending a little more on school clothing, but when it comes to the summer clothes they’ll tear up, get dirty, and almost ruin in one season, I bargain hunt for every piece. Swimsuits, shorts, tops, summer dresses, and shoes can all be found at bargain prices if you know the right tricks for boys, girls, tweens, and teens! Even all in the styles that kids love these days!

I wanted to share the three tips I always follow for bargain hunting so other moms with kids that grow like weeds can learn how to save money on kids’ clothes this summer, too. Try them out and let me know what bargains you scored in the comments below, or give me the scoop on your own bargain hunting rules!

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Tip #1: Shop at stores that give cash back

How to Save Money on Kids' Clothes for Summer | thegoodstuff

1. Juniors’ Ombre Patriotic Tank Top, $12.99 at Kohl’s; 2. SO Juniors’ Midi Jean Shorts, $17.99 at Kohl’s

There are stores, like Kohl’s, Justice, and Gymboree, that give bonus discounts and points for a certain amount spent. These dollars or coupons can be used at a later date and are usually pretty good.

I’ll often buy one child’s summer clothes, get the cash-back discounts, then wait the week or so to use those discounts to complete the family needs, but at a much more favorable price.

This is a great strategy if you buy the clothing the oldest needs, hand down her clothing to a younger sibling, and then pad the younger kid’s wardrobe with the savings. If I don’t take my kids to the store this is a great way to do summer clothes shopping because I can hide the clothing in my closet until all three girls have a bag full of clothing to be excited about — at a cost I can afford!

Check for sales on items that are close to a holiday, too! Some stores mark them down pretty steeply to get them sold for the big day, like this super cute patriotic tank top I found at Kohl’s. It’s perfect for that tween who wants to be in style come July 4th!

You can quickly find sales and savings at Kohl’s, Justice, and Gymboree online at!

Tip #2: Use to get online coupons & sale information

How to Save Money on Kids' Clothes for Summer | thegoodstuff

1. Baby Girl Swing Tank Top & Shorts Set, $13.20 at Kohl’s; 2. Everlast Boys’ Graphic Athletic T-Shirt, $5.99-$7.99 at Sears; 3. Joe Boxer Girls’ Pajama Tank Top & Shorts, $8 at Sears; 4. Epic Threads Girls’ Fashion Denim Shorts, $15.99 at Macy’s

Sites like offer year-round discount codes that can be used online and in-store. Simply search for a store, like Sears, and will pull up a list of Sears coupon codes.

I love using this site because it tells me about in-store offers, too. I searched their coupons and found this super cute tank top and shorts set for 50 percent off at Kohl’s!

Just by sitting down, putting in my stores, and checking the coupons for codes or special offers, I can save money right from home! Be sure to download the mobile app, too, so you can look for a coupon while you’re in the store.

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid of the clearance section

How to Save Money on Kids' Clothes for Summer | thegoodstuff

1. Breaking Waves Girls’ 4-6x Tankini, $13.99 at JCPenney; 2. Arizona Boys’ 8-20 Hibiscus Swim Trunks, $14.99 at JCPenney 3. Carter’s Baby Boys’ 2-Piece Crab Print Polo & Shorts, $16.99 at Macy’s; 4. Sweet Heart Rose Girls’ Woven Handkerchief-Hem Dress, $38.99 at Macy’s

Believe it or not, there are tank tops and shorts already in the clearance aisle in stores and even online now! Many stores even have swimwear on clearance.

Kohl’s, JCPenney, Macy’s, and even Sears have great sales on swimwear for every age going on now, too. So if you don’t find what you need in the clearance section, you can still save by shopping the sales. Both of the swimsuits above were in the sale section at JCPenney! Fifty percent off right as the summer season starts is a steal!

Find the latest sales and deals with JCPenney coupons, Macy’s promo codes, and Sears online coupons!

I also like to stock up on larger sizes if I find a great deal for later years. Just store them in a bin marked with the sizes so you don’t forget they’re there the next year!

Saving money on summer clothing doesn’t have to be difficult. Stick with stores you know always offer great prices and then take advantage of cash-back offers, coupon codes, and the clearance or sales racks. You may be surprised at how much more you can put toward that family vacation versus clothing the kids need if you do!


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