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If you were walking down the street and saw a $50 bill lying there, would you just walk right past it? Not unless it was on fire—and even then it might be a tempting risk. Not many people would pass up free money. Now imagine finding that $50 every week for a year—and it’s completely flame-retardant. That’s exactly how much using coupons can save the average family of four every week. And the best news: It’s easier to use coupons today than ever before.

The average American family can save $50 on their weekly grocery bill by using coupons

There’s no need to wait for the Sunday newspaper. You can visit 24/7 to find hundreds of offers for the brands you love, to save on everything from Pampers to Cheerios to Barilla pasta, and so much more. Think about this—if you typically buy one box of cereal a week and you start using a “$1 off” coupon each time, you’ll have an extra $52 in your pocket at the end of the year, and that’s just for one item.

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Plus, coupons aren’t just for groceries anymore.

You can find money-saving offers for everything from baby food to pet supplies, medications, personal care items, cleaning products, office supplies and laundry detergents.

And digital coupons mean less waste. With the ability to pick and choose the coupons you like online, you can print out just what you’ll use and leave the rest. This means less clipping and cutting (your hands will thank you), less paper waste, and fewer coupons in your organizer that just sit there while the expiration date drifts on by.

Did you know?

When an item is on sale in the store but isn’t on the shelf, you can ask for a rain check. If the store obliges, you’ll get the sale price next time you shop, and you can use a pertinent coupon to maximize your savings.

Tips for Using

  • If you’re looking for specific items or brands, click on the “Categories” button on the homepage, then select “Brand.” Then you can select the brand you’re looking for from the hundreds of top brands available on
  • Clip a coupon you don’t want to print? Just click the “Clipped” banner on the coupon, and you’ll un-clip it.
  • Put a reminder on your calendar to check around the beginning and middle of the month. This is when you’ll see lots of new coupons available. Too busy? Subscribe to the emails and we’ll send you an alert when new coupons arrive!
  • If you have reached your print limit for a specific coupon, check back at the beginning of next month. Sometimes offers only run for one month, but you’ll often find coupons that renew and carryover to the next month.
  • If you’re having trouble printing your coupons, check out the support page here.

Start Saving More: 5 Things You Can Do Today

  1. Set up a separate email account just for coupons and manufacturer newsletters.Then you can keep your savings separate from your personal or work email and you won’t lose important offers in the clutter.
  2. Subscribe to emails from so you can get the newest and best coupons and offers delivered right to your inbox. Plus, visit the websites of your favorite stores and manufacturers and subscribe to their newsletters as well.
  3. Register your store loyalty cards at and add coupons directly to your cards. It’s easy—and when you swipe your card at checkout, the coupons will automatically be applied to your total. Click on the Loyalty Cards section on to get started. Watch the video below to see how it works.
  4. Organize your coupons in a way that works for you, that fits your style and personality.
  5. Know your stores’ coupon policies. Some stores will even double the savings value of coupons when you use them. For example, if you have a coupon for 50 cents off a box of pasta, the store will give you $1 off when you check out. See if any stores in your area offer this perk.

Discover even more ways to save on groceries!


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