Saving Money with Coupons: 5 Things You Can Do Today

Saving Money on Groceries: 5 Things You Can Do Today | thegoodstuff

Happy National Coupon Month! Even if you’ve never been a saver, chances are you might be a little more budget-conscious than normal—2020 has challenged many of us in more ways than one, including economically.

But you’ve come to the right place: At, saving money is not just a necessity; it’s our passion. And we love sharing tips and tricks to help you shave a few bucks off here and there. Let’s start with these five tips on how you can save money on groceries, starting RIGHT NOW.

You’ve taken a great first step just by being here. Now let’s get you set up so you can use grocery coupons to save money with ease. Start with these:

5 Tips for Couponing Success

  1. Set up a separate email account just for coupons and money-saving newsletters. Then you can keep your savings separate from your personal or work email and you won’t lose important offers in the clutter. It’s so much easier to see what coupons or offers you have at a glance this way.
  2. Subscribe to emails from so you can get the newest and best coupons and coupon codes delivered right to your inbox. Seriously—this is the best way to make sure you never miss a deal. We’re always alerting our customers to the greatest ways to save. Plus, you can also go to the websites for your favorite stores, brands and products and subscribe to their newsletters, as well.
  3. Register your store loyalty cards at and add coupons directly to your cards. It’s easy—and when you swipe your card at checkout, the coupons will automatically be applied to your total. Click on the Loyalty Cards section on to get started. Watch the video below to see how it works.
  4. Get the app. We offer several ways to save, both on our website and in our app. But we think the easiest, most seamless way to save is by tapping the coupons in our app right on your mobile device. You can save by linking your store loyalty cards, like we mentioned above, OR you can choose your store, tap on the coupons you like, shop, then submit your receipt for cash back. We’ll put your money in your PayPal account.
  5. Use your app WHILE you’re shopping. Let’s say you’re walking down the grocery aisle and your favorite guacamole is on sale. You can check your app to see if there’s also a coupon (yes, we have guacamole coupons). If you spot one, bam! You made a great deal even better. Just tap the coupon right there in aisle, buy your product and either save at checkout (if you have your loyalty card linked to the app) or get cash back.

Saving money with coupons doesn’t have to be a hassle—it can actually be addicting once you get the hang of it! There’s nothing like watching your total go down at the register or see your cash back balance in PayPal go up. And if you think, “But there are never coupons for the stuff I like,” we’d suggest to check again.


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