4 Ways to Save Money Traveling with Friends

4 Ways to Save Money Traveling with Friends | thegoodstuff

I am currently on one of the best vacations ever with my kids. One of the reasons it’s so awesome is because we’re traveling with good friends. As a single mom, I appreciate the additional adult help at the waterpark. My kids are loving the 4 other little girls that are entertaining them, too. But the best part of traveling with friends is the savings that I didn’t expect! Everywhere I turn, I shave a little off the cost of the trip. Read on for ways you can save by traveling with friends.

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1. Save on the destination


When I mentioned a few months ago that I was looking for deals on a destination, my friend told me they go all the time. As a result, they get deeper and deeper discount codes emailed to them as part of a loyalty program. When she got the next email for 30% off the room and waterpark combined, we took it! I saved over $300 on the trip just by talking to friends and letting her book me under her code!

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 2. Save on food


I find that, the actual destination aside, food is the largest expense on vacation. Eating out 3 times a day can get costly in a heartbeat. But when we planned this trip we hit the store to split the food expense. Now we both have lunches and snacks for all of the kids and have eliminated the cost of a $10 per person soggy sandwich at the snack bar. Even though we’re feeding more people, we’re also saving by buying in bulk.

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3. Save on activities


I‘m shocked at how little of “Mom can we … play in the arcade, go to the spa, have you pay for more things other than the vacation” I’m getting. Having a back up parent along with other kids to entertain them has cut down on the “I’m bored” or “I want extras” conversations. Having other adults that also say no helps prevent any arguments, as well.

4. Saving on childcare


As a single mom, I often have to do one thing with one child while the others have to wait. At a waterpark, I would normally have to leave 2 little ones to go on the larger slides with my oldest. There would have been a search for a kid’s program, which would have cost money in order for everyone to have fun. With another family here, I can utilize the parents and one or the other can watch the little ones while we take the big kids on the big rides.

Traveling with friends has so many more benefits than saving money. The memories we’re making are amazing and the partnership to have fun with all of the kids just enhances the fun. Tell us below how you save on your vacation adventures!

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