How to Save Money on a New (to You!) iPhone

How to Save Money on an iPhone |

They say timing is everything and when a new version of the iPhone hits the market, that’s the time to buy an iPhone….a prior year’s model that is.  With the release of the IPhone X on November 3rd there are going to be some great opportunities to buy past models at a very low price. Here are some tips and tricks on how to best utilize the release of a new model phone to your advantage. If you are an Android user, don’t be discouraged as many of these tips will work for you too!

Know Your Needs


If you are content with what prior models offer there’s no reason to pay for upgrades that just don’t matter to you. Sure, it’s great to have a sharper camera but the reality is many models have cameras that are as good as a traditional camera.

An example of the savings; you can find an iPhone6 for around $100 because Apple and other retailers offer deals on prior models as well as deeper discounts on refurbished phones. Make sure you understand what the terms of the contract are when buying a new phone. Wireless providers may require you to purchase a two-year service contract. If you are happy with your current plan, check on Amazon’s used section for older models. Also, Swappa is a website that has a useful filtration system to search for used models that can be activated with your current provider. All purchases are backed by Swappa and Paypal. Be careful before buying from sites like Craigslist or from individuals since most won’t offer a guarantee.

Get Credit for Your Old Devices


Now that you know how to score a deal on a phone, the question is what do you do with your old one?  Apple has their own trade in service, and it certainly isn’t a bad route to go. After all, you are working with the manufacturer themselves. You will usually get a fixed rate in store credit and the phone must be in great condition. Gazelle is another option for selling your phone and potentially getting more out of the deal. They organize their sale options by model, and carrier to ensure ease of purchase for the other party. This option allows you to actually get cash back so you can buy other brands for your new phone if you’d like.

Make Your Money Back


With your new phone in hand and some cash in your pocket from selling your old phone, it’s time to add some money saving apps.  Some must haves are Clarity Money, an app that allows you to cancel wasteful subscriptions, create a savings account, and alerts you when you are going over your allotted budget. There is of course Mint, which is one of the most popular budget creating apps on the market. Unsplurge is a budgeting app that is geared specifically towards saving for set goals. And the app can save you hundreds of dollars a year with grocery and drug store purchases as well as coupon codes on thousands of other items. To make savings even easier, the app allows you to connect with your store loyalty card.

You actually will make your smart phone even smarter with these apps and make the money you spent on your phone back in no time. Upgrading your phone is one of those added expenses we need to incur from time to time but with smart planning you can turn it into an investment instead of a purchase.

How to Save Money on an iPhone |


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