A Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two — Under $25!

What to Cook for Valentine's Day Dinner — for $25! | thegoodstuff

My parents always said if you want to really enjoy having dinner at a restaurant, don’t go on a holiday.

They felt it would be busier than usual, you may feel rushed, and the servers would have more on their plates, so to speak. For my folks, if they were going to spend money on a meal, it made sense to wait until a less busy night. And, of course, there was the fact that they could save money by creating a wonderful meal at home for a fraction of the cost.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, could it be possible to create a romantic dinner for two (wine and dessert included) for under $25?

I wanted to know the answer, so I did my research and headed to the grocery store. I’m happy to say “mission accomplished!” Read on to how I put together a Valentine’s dinner for two that would probably cost triple in a restaurant!

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My Valentine’s Day dinner shopping plan

Wondering what to cook for Valentine’s Day dinner? You can save money by planning your meal before you go to the store. Step one is to always look to see what’s on sale at the grocery store. You should also be a loyalty member and take advantage of weekly deals.

I like to start with the meat or seafood because that’s usually the most expensive. For example, my store had tri-tip steak for $2.99 a pound, and they also had scallops for a dollar each. So, I decided to create my Valentine’s day dinner around these specials by whipping up a surf and turf dinner!

Surf and Turf Valentine’s Dinner for Two

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Starter: Salad with Avocado & Croutons — $2

The bag of lettuce and avocado were on sale for a dollar each. I always make my own croutons with day old bread to save money. All you need to do is chop the bread into small pieces, soak it in olive oil, and bake it at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. It’s fantastic!

Main course: Tri-Tip Steak with Scallops — $9.33

A Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner for Two — for $25! | thegoodstuff

I was able to get close to two pounds of tri-tip steak for just $5.33, and the scallops were on sale for half price, or a buck each. These two combined make a delightful romantic dinner for two.

Sides: Rice with Almonds, Warm Bread & Bacon-Wrapped Potato Roses — $4.60

I had a coupon to buy rice for just 79 cents and warmed up some almond slices I had in the pantry to add taste and texture. For two people you really only need a small amount of bread, so I bought a mini Pugliese for $1.99.

I found this lovely recipe for Bacon-Wrapped Potato Roses on KitchMe, and was able to make it with just one large potato and bacon I found on sale.

Beverages: Raspberry Sparkling Water & Trader Joe’s Wine — $4.98

Aquafina had a special on sparkling water for 99 cents, so I went for the raspberry flavor and added frozen raspberries I had in my freezer to dress it up for Valentine’s Day. Trader Joe’s sells delicious wines that are only $3, and I like to pour and serve mine from a wine decanter to dress it up.

Add a special touch: Make your own Valentine’s Day Chocolate Martinis

Dessert: Dove Milk Chocolate Hearts — $1.37

What to Cook for Valentine's Day Dinner — for $25! | thegoodstuff

I found a coupon for $1 off two bags of these delicious Dove chocolate hearts. I’m sharing half a bag with my sweetie during dinner, and saving the rest as gifts for my friends. 

Even more easy V-Day desserts: 3-Ingredient Chocolate Dessert Recipes

Bonus! Flowers — $1.99

What’s Valentine’s Day without at least one flower? I opted to buy a small herb plant so it would last and could be used for future meals. To add an extra special touch, I used some of the herbs in my meal.

Total cost: $24.27