5 Road Trip Games to Keep Kids Entertained


In my neck of the woods, next week is the start of Spring Break, and on the schedule is a three hour drive to a resort where the kids can play and I can relax. But with a car full of kids and a drive ahead of us — maybe even encountering some Spring Break traffic — I like to find fun ways to keep my kids entertained, aside from snacks and electronics! So here are five road trip games that you might want to play with your family over Spring Break!

The Alphabet Game

the alphabet game

Road trips are a great way for kids to see new things! Often in the car I will have them point out to me something they rarely see in our day to day lives. Add that they have to find something in the order of the alphabet and this game can entertain for a half hour or more! It can be as easy as “I see an animal that starts with an A!” to “I see a sign for the zoo and it is 50 miles away!” for the more advanced kids.

The Story Train

The girls and I love to tell stories. One of our favorite games is the Story Train! I start with the first line of the story, like “Once upon a time…” and each girl adds a line. It gets pretty funny as each little one tries to outdo the other with outrageous events the characters get into. Sometimes this can last a few minutes to a half hour, depending on the level of creativity.

I Spy

i spy

A classic car game I remember playing when I was a little girl, I Spy is always a hit! Whether you want them to “spy” something out of the car window that is tall and green or a specific item you know is on the horizon, this game keeps little eyes busy while creating laughter and fun!

20 Questions

Another great game that is tried and true, 20 Questions is an awesome way to entertain kids in the car. A child chooses an animal, item or action and answers questions from the others until they guess it correctly. Once 20 questions have been reached, the answer is revealed if it is not guessed. The best part of this game is when the one answering the questions forgets the answer!

Pack the Car

pack the car 2

Using the alphabet, this game begs for silly answers! Starting with “A” have the kids go around and name something they would pack in the car for a road trip. It can be anything from a tablet to a monkey! The only thing that matters is to think of something that goes with the proper letter of the alphabet, but the main object of the game is to keep kids thinking!

Other road trip games like the license plate game and name that tune are always good to keep in mind to keep kids entertained during a Spring Break drive. With these ideas, you can make a car trip as fun for the kids as the idea of the vacation itself!

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