The Riding Lawn Mower: Your BFF This Summer

The Riding Lawn Mower: Your BFF This Summer | thegoodstuff

Sunnier days and springtime rainstorms mean green grass and beautiful flowers are on their way — along with lots and lots of mowing. If you’ve outgrown your trusty push mower and are considering an upgrade to a riding lawn mower, it might be time to seriously think about making an investment in the care and keeping of your lawn.

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Will my lawn accommodate a riding lawn mower?

The Riding Lawn Mower: Your BFF This Summer | thegoodstuff

Craftsman 42-inch Briggs and Stratton Riding Lawn Mower, $1,079.99

For those with lots of grass to cut, the idea of purchasing a riding lawn mower probably seems like a no-brainer, but you still have a little bit of homework to do first! The wide part of a mower is called a deck, and this is how mowers are advertised. For example, the widest part of this Craftsman 42-inch Briggs and Stratton Riding Lawn Mower is 42 inches.

It’s important to do a thorough check of your yard to make sure a 42” wide mower will fit through any gates or any narrow spaces. Grab your measuring tape and see what you have to work with before you go shopping. Large lawn tractors can get the job done a lot faster with a deck size of 55” or more.

How can a riding mower help me?

The Riding Lawn Mower: Your BFF This Summer | thegoodstuff

Craftsman Pro Series 60-Inch Zero-Turn Riding Mower, $4,499.99

While you’re measuring gates and fences, consider the rest of your yard. Is it bumpy and uneven? There’s a mower for that! Do you have a lot of trees to mow around? Save flowerbeds and other landscaping features with a zero-turn mower for accurate maneuverability (so you don’t turn your hydrangeas into confetti). A zero-turn mower is a pretty big upgrade, but is worth the extra cash for the difference it makes. Just check out what this happy customer has to say about this Craftsman zero turn riding mower:

“From the moment I set forth, I couldn’t believe the precision of the steering on this model. Wow. Feels plenty powerful as well. This will make quick work of any lawn and provide you with a fun ride as well!”

Find a lawn tractor that meets your needs

The Riding Lawn Mower: Your BFF This Summer | thegoodstuff

Craftsman 42-inch Riding Mower, $1,449.98

Riding mowers offer some pretty great features, but be wary of upgrades you don’t really need. Riding mowers do more than just cut grass. While push mowers are pretty straightforward in their features and abilities, riding mowers can spread fertilizer and grass seed, mulch, and even work as snow plows. Basic lawn tractors with a bag attachment to collect grass clippings are great for lawns with an acre or less. This Craftsman 42-inch Riding Mower can tow a small cart, includes a snow blade for plowing, and also has a separately-sold mulch kit to help you mulch those flower beds.

When comparing a riding mower to a push mower, there’s also an accessibility factor. Not everyone has the physical ability to push a lawn mower one to two times a week, or maybe your yard includes a steep hill or rugged terrain. Additionally, actually sitting on and test driving a mower can be important for people who are above or below average height. Some stores will even allow and facilitate a test drive.

Don’t discount the safety of yourself & others around a riding lawn mower

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the two biggest hazards involved with riding lawn mowers and garden tractors are making physical contact with the mower blade and loss of stability. Be sure to read your product safety information closely, and take extreme caution around children and pets.