7 Earth Friendly Ways to Reuse K-Cups

7 Earth Friendly Ways to Reuse K-Cups | thegoodstuff

Keurig fanatics can’t get enough of the convenient, easy-to-use coffee machine that has revolutionized millions of groggy mornings.  You name it, Keurig has every flavor under the sun, and sampling different beverage flavors is just part of the fun of owning a Keurig.  What isn’t fun is dealing with the leftover plastic pods that choke the landfill.  Before you chuck your next pod in the trash can, check out the 7 simple ways to reuse k-cups below.  You’ll be able to get a second use out of the little plastic cups that you usually throw away, and that’s worth it for our planet!

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1. K-Cup Bath Bombs


Make your own fizzing bath bombs then press them into Keurig cups! You’ll save yourself from buying a bath bomb mold…and save the earth by reusing these no-recycle plastic cups, too!

Learn how to make DIY bath bombs with this step-by-step tutorial from The Good Stuff.

2. K-Cup Herb Cups


Source: Happy Hooligans

Got extra herbs?   Fill your K-cups with fresh herbs and some water, then freeze.  Take them out of the freezer and add to recipes anytime you want fresh flavor in your soups, stews, and stir-fries.

3. K-Cup Seed Starters


Source: Fresh Eggs Daily

Think garden season and get your hands dirty.  Recycle your k-cups as tiny seed starters.

4. K-Cup Popscicles


Source: Cross Country Cafe

Use k-cups as molds for tiny popsicles.  You’ll get small treats that make quick and delicious snacks.

5. K-Cup Office Organizers


Source: Happy Hooligans

Don’t spend a fortune on organizing supplies!  Re-use your k-cups for corralling your office supplies and small craft items.

6. K-Cup Wreath


Source: Twig & Thistle

Decorating when you’re short on time and money is tough.  That’s why this minimalist wreath using recycled k-cups is so brilliant.  This quick, budget-friendly wreath makes any space look polished.

7. K-Cup Centerpiece


Source: Surf & Sunshine

Display dainty violets and mini succulents in used k-cups.  Arrange them as a table centerpiece or line up on the windowsill to infuse your house with a fresh spring vibe.

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