7 Crafty Ways to Reuse Cardboard Cereal Boxes

7 Crafty Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes | thegoodstuff

If mornings involve cold cereal in your house, those boxes can really pile up! With little effort, you can make used cereal boxes work for you! Whether it be corralling your junk items or entertaining your kids, repurposing cereal boxes is a great way to turn nothing into something. We’ve found 7 creative ways to re-use cardboard cereal boxes, and you’ll be surprised at how a simple cardboard box can be so useful!

Reuse Cardboard Boxes

1. Make a Drawer Organizer


Source: I Heart Organizing

You would never guess these cute and tidy drawer organizers were made from cereal boxes! If your junk drawer is out of control, look no further than your recycling bin. Cereal boxes cut down to size fit nicely in small spaces and are great for corralling all those items stuffed in your drawers.

2. Make a Mini Pinata


Source: Oh Happy Day

Taco Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo, and any other south-of-the-border celebration calls for these adorable mini pinatas. Draw donkey shapes on leftover cereal boxes, cut, tape, decorate, and stuff these festive pinatas with treats. Let the fun begin as the donkeys are cracked open to reveal the goodies!

3. Make a Mini Notebook


Source: Creme de la Craft

Use a cereal box to create stylish mini notebooks. Give these one-of-a-kind journals as gifts or stash in your purse when you need to jot down notes.

4. Make a Toy Village


Source: Handmade Charlotte

If the recycling bin is full and your kids are itching for a craft project, this cereal box village is a great way to keep them occupied. Use your cereal boxes again and make unique buildings that your kids can decorate and craft into a village scene. You can even scavenge up play people and mini cars, and watch their imaginations take off!

5. Make Homemade Gift Tags


Source: Offbeat and Inspired

Create a stash of gift tags for brithdays and holidays with leftover cereal boxes and printed paper. Reuse what you have around the house to save money, stay prepared, and give your gifts a personalized touch!

6. Make a Mail Organizer


Source: Kix

Incoming and outgoing mail can quickly become a messy ordeal. Craft a cereal box mail organizer to whip your piles into shape. Each family member can have their own slot, or order slots by priority or task.

7. Make Cereal Box Crowns


Source: Made by Joel

Kids will love decorating their own cereal box crowns. Raid your art cabinet for paint, markers, stickers, and watch your kids get creative. The fun doesn’t stop there- these crowns will be used for hours and hours of imaginative play!

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