4 Simple Tips to Resurrect New Year’s Resolutions


If you are like me, the end of January came and your New Year’s resolutions went out the window. Now as we’ve gone through the first week of February, and we’ve finally recovered from the holiday season and gotten back into the routine, it’s time to revisit those resolutions and make them fresh again! It’s a hard task, I admit. But with a little creativity, determination, and our four easy tips, you can resurrect New Year’s resolutions to get you back in the swing of things.

1. Resolution to Get Fit

resolution to get fit

The Issue: Canceled Gym Membership – You made the promise, joined the gym, went twice, felt lost and then canceled the membership.

The Cure: It happens all the time and has happened many times to me. Remake the commitment to get fit by doing something as simple as setting your alarm on your phone to take a walk around the block. Instead of investing in another gym membership, purchase a fitness band and challenge family members to beat you in steps. You will have more motivation to stay on track when you battle it out.

If you have pets, then take advantage of those daily dog walks too, so both you and your pooch can get in some cardio. If you want to try a more organized class that you can add to your busy schedule, try taking a few free classes with ClassPass or Fitmob until you find your perfect fit!

2. Resolution to Lose Weight

Resolution to Lose Weight

The Issue: Struggling with Healthy Eating – You’re on track when it comes to going to the gym and not being a couch potato, but you still can’t put down the potato chips.

The Cure: Although you might think we already covered this earlier, losing weight and getting in shape are two very different things that present different challenges. My issue with food is that when I am stressed or bored, I eat. So for the first week of the year I was good. Then the kids went back to school, the house was empty and the stress of work got to me. Out the window went my resolution to curb my eating, and something similar probably happened to you too.

Remake your commitment and resurrect your New Year’s resolutions today in the form of subliminal messages. People tend to eat junk food when they’re bored. So I have a message on my fridge that says, “If you are not hungry enough to eat and apple, then you are bored or stressed. Do something else.” And believe it or not, this works! If you need more guidance, sign up for the Weight Watchers trials or for the trial products from NutriSystem. Switch up your healthy eating dishes so you’re not noshing on the same fish and veggies meal over and over again.

3. Resolution to Have More Family Time

Resolution to Have More Family Time

The Issue: Not Enough Time in the Day – You struggle to find a good balance when it comes to work, play and spending time with family.

The Cure: Oh how we all would like to have five more hours in the day. But we don’t and that internal promise to spend more time with our family quickly got swept under the rug after we decided we were too busy or needed some alone time. But this resolution, to me, is one of the most important. Instead of returning to the old routine, try to come up with creative ways to get in more time with your significant other and your kids. The easiest and most important way to do this is by turning off the television. I unplugged for a week and discovered that I suddenly had a lot more time for my kids and everything else. Planning a future event like a family fun run can also force you to stay off the tablet and get outside with the family so that you can train together.

4. Resolution to Quit Smoking

Resolution to Quit Smoking

The Issue: Kicking a Bad Habit – You haven’t been able to stick to your goal of not smoking.

The Cure: This is one of the number one resolutions each year and possibly one of the hardest to keep. Kicking a habit is so hard, even when you know you are better off without it. If you have tried and already broken out the emergency cigarette, try something new. Use your smartphone to improve your health by downloading an app that helps you quit smoking. Apps like QuitSTART provide guidance and can be a tool to help you through cravings and mood swings.

Because quitting is a decision that you have to make for you, it can be a lonely journey. With some electronic encouragement that won’t judge you if your slip, you have a pal that is there no matter what. Another thing that helped me quit smoking 10 years ago was a dramatic gesture. I flushed my fresh pack down the toilet on a random Saturday. The image of them swimming in the water to this day makes cigarettes disgusting to me.

The new year brings a chance to start again. So does the start of every season, every month, every week and every day. Deciding to get back on the horse is the best thing you can do to reignite and resurrect New Year’s resolutions.