10 Things Everyone Can Relate to in Winter


So many of us have a love-hate relationship with winter. We anxiously anticipate the cold weather season; dreaming of hot chocolate, snowmen and cozy fireside nights. Then winter actually hits and while the cocoa is sweet and the snow is pretty, we also have to deal with dry skin, bad road conditions and way too many layers. Whether you love it or hate it, here are 10 things everyone can relate to in winter. Is it spring yet?

1. Your social life is on hold and you don’t feel guilty about it. Saturday nights are for your couch and Netflix. It’s simply too cold for anything other than movies.

2. You’re seeing a lot less selfies these days. Your social media feed is a steady stream of car thermometers, weather app screenshots and people complaining.

3. You have to keep hand lotion and Chapstick within arms reach at all times.

4. You’ve stopped checking the weather. The weather is COLD. Plus, it’s not really about the actual temperature, it’s about the “feels like” temperature.

5. You sacrifice fashion for survival. You’re wearing your warmest, most comfortable jacket every day for months and you don’t care who sees.

6. The snooze button is your best friend because it’s so warm and cozy under your blankets and you’re not ready to face the cold, cold world. Ten more minutes. Just 10 more minutes.

7. Working out becomes pretty much impossible. Plus, who needs it! Your body will be wrapped in layers anyway, and the gym is overcrowded with resolutioners now.

8. You spend half-an-hour piling on layers for the 30-second walk from your car to the office and it’s totally worth it.

9. You prepare for your winter commute the same way you would prepare for battle. And you’re convinced you’re the only person who knows how to drive in snow.

10. No matter how much you love winter, a couple of weeks in and you’re already daydreaming about a tropical vacation. Better yet, you’ve already booked it for next month.

All images sourced from Giphy.