10 Netflix Shows Perfect for an at-Home Watchathon


We are a busy population. Whether we are single, married, divorced, have kids or not, it seems none of us ever sit down and just relax anymore. Luckily, when we do finally decide to relax and unwind, leaving the stress of the busy life behind, we can now binge watch shows that entertain. Free of commercials and waiting until next week for the cliffhanger to be revealed, we can turn on Netflix shows and binge watch the stress away! Knowing what to watch can be hard, though. So after polling friends, I have come up with the top 10 shows that will help you reduce stress and escape from your daily routine!

Orange is the New Black

If you have not heard about this original show on Netflix then you really do need a de-stressing day. With two seasons available to watch, the cast and their stories will make the troubles you have in your life melt away. Set in a women’s prison, the storylines of complicated lives are addicting. Told with humor and a good dose of reality, this adult only show will entertain and leave you wanting more.

House of Cards

Politics aside,this Netflix original is based on a book that became a BBC series that became an American political story. The first online-only show to receive some pretty major Emmy nominations, we follow Congressman Francis Underwood as he manipulates and schemes for more power in Washington. This show keeps you guessing and helps you escape the reality of day to day life with dry humor and scandalous story lines.


A serial killer who lives a double life as a blood spatter pattern analyst for the Miami police department, Dexter makes you question your reason for being entertained by this twisted character. Airing on major networks first, Netflix now streams the series. You will love to hate the character that seems so genuine until you meet his murderous alter ego. Be ready to watch some gore and get engrossed in the complicated story of a demented mind.


Admit it, we all got into the pursuit of the ultimate Revenge that Emily Thorne aims to unleash on the Grayson’s. Ready to avenger her father’s death, Emily plots and schemes under an assumed identity to take down anyone who had anything to do with the plot to frame and then murder her father. As she fights her emotional attachments to those she comes to care for and worries about how drawing others into her plans can adversely affect them, we watch the battle of human emotions and the lasting effects of a painful event in one’s life. Escape your own drama by falling into this one. But don’t stop watching or you might miss something important!

Gilmore Girls

The ultimate feel great, real life in an overly perfect town show, Gilmore Girls is always a great way to escape. The cast of characters are as quirky as Stars Hollow but act as entertainment as serious relationship issues are explored. The depth of the challenge of a teenage single mother battling to raise an ambitious daughter while trying to find the perfect man is addicting to watch. Add the complicated relationship of the overly wealthy, overly controlling grandmother and the show is a winner.


When I think of Parenthood I think of deeply emotional scenes that make me pull out a tissue. However, there is a lot of laughter, joy and satisfaction in this series that really seems based on real life. Through it all, the basic love and respect of a family that struggles to expand to accept real life issues like interracial marriage, divorce, infidelity and children on a path of destruction is portrayed. This is a great binge watch because through it all, family remains family. So though you will need to bulk order your tissues for this one, it is worth it and leaves you with a feeling of hope.

Breaking Bad

The story line of this one attracted fans far and wide as a high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal lung cancer pairs with a former student to produce meth. As the teacher falls more deeply into a life of crime, all the while telling himself it is so he can leave his family in a better financial position, we see the absolute moral depletion of a man who knows the end is near. Often touted as one of the best series ever to hit television, all five seasons can take you on a journey that leaves you wondering what you would do in the same situation!


Finally, one for the sci-fi fans! Originally a series for the tween and teen set, Supernatural has gained a new audience of all ages on Netflix. Best described as a fantasy horror series, Supernatural follows brothers as they hunt the evil lurking in the shadows. With demons, monsters, ghosts and other supernatural beings, this series will take you to fantasy and back as you engross yourself in the unnatural world of the Winchesters.


As if any of us ever need a reason to watch Friends! With the massive success of the show following the ups and downs of six friends living in New York City, now streaming on Netflix, we can all go back to the apartment that housed some of the funniest and most memorable scenes ever to hit television. Grab the popcorn, the blanket and the chocolate and binge watch until your side hurt. If you have to get up and start again later because 10 seasons may take a few days, remember you were just ‘on a break’.

The Office

Another one to help you laugh off the stress of the week, The Office broke barriers that we didn’t know were there. Starring the very funny Steve Carrell, the show gives us all characters we can relate to in our own offices where we work. Shot in a one camera format with no laugh track or audience, the jokes still hit home as we peeked into our own lives, though a little amplified, on a weekly basis. Now you can curl up, turn off the phone and watch all of the antics in a row in one place!

What Netflix shows do you think are perfect for binge watching? Did we miss any of your favorites? Check out some other ideas on my Facebook page!

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