Recall: Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps


Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps were one of the trendiest gifts to give or receive last year, but these lamps were getting a little too hot.

Last week, Michaels recalled three rock salt lamps sold by the Lumière brand. According to the recall, the lamps have the potential to overheat at the dimmer switch and/or outlet plug, posing risk of shock and fire hazards, If you gave or received one of these lamps over the holidays, check the SKU or UPC code on the box. You can return the recalled lamps to Michaels for a full refund.

Rock of Gibraltar Lamp

SKU: 495144

UPC: 00886946056253

Rock of Gibraltar

Carnival of Lights Lamp

SKU: 495433

UPC: 00886946058325

Carnival of Lights

Basket of Rocks Lamp

SKU: 495146

UPC: 00886946056277

Basket of Rocks

While this brand should be immediately returned under the recall, there are plenty of other options for a new Himalayan Salt Lamp. Health claims include deodorizing the air, calming & boosting your mood, and reducing allergy symptoms. Try one of these Himalayan Salt Lamps instead:

Himalayan Glow® Medium Ionic Natural Salt Crystal Lamp from Bed Bath & Beyond

Himalayan Salt Lamp from Urban Outfitters

Various Himalayan Salt Lamps from Walmart

Himalayan Basket Lamp from Amazon


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