This Rainbow Gummy Bear Cake is the Best Thing Ever

This Rainbow Gummy Bear Cake is the Best Thing Ever | thegoodstuff

As tempting as a new box of Crayola crayons, kids gravitate toward the vibrant arcs of color in a rainbow, and I guarantee that any kid will reach for food that’s been smattered with rainbow colors.

Whether it’s sweet or savory, the bright, bold colors of the rainbow add an element of surprise and excitement that’s totally irresistible. In fact, I’m pretty sure this Rainbow Gummy Bear Cake is the best thing ever. Even you’ll agree, because it’s so simple to make and your kids will love it!

I’ve got a lot more rainbow food recipes up my sleeve, so why not try these nine rainbow recipes — including my favorite Rainbow Gummy Bear Cake!

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1. Rainbow Gummy Bear Cake


• 1 box vanilla cake mix, baked into two 8-inch rounds
• 1 container frosting, fluffy white
• About 3/4 cup each gummy bear colors

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1. Bake cake according to package directions. Cool and frost.

2. Press gummy bears into cake to decorate, starting in the center with red, then moving in rings outward across the top and down the sides of the cake, until the entire cake is covered with gummies.

3. Serve and enjoy!

2. Rainbow Grilled Cheese

Who could say no to this colorful lunchtime treat? Pack this colorful surprise in their school lunch, or serve it up at home just so you can hear their gasps of delight as they bite into this tasty grilled cheese sandwich and discover a rainbow inside!

3. No-Bake Cocoa Puff Bars

9 Rainbow Food Recipes Your Kids Will Flip Over: No-Bake Cocoa Puff Bars

Kids can’t resist googly eyes and rainbow-coated mini chips, and they’ll reach for these No-Bake Cocoa Puff Bars right away. Protein-packed and naturally sweetened, these kid-friendly treats have added health benefits, yet don’t skimp on taste.

4. Rainbow Pizza

9 Rainbow Food Recipes Your Kids Will Flip Over: Rainbow Pizza

Source: Tablespoon

Sneak in some extra veggies with this colorful Rainbow Pizza. Arrange an array of different colored veggies on refrigerated pizza crust for a super easy dinner or afternoon snack.  What’s not to love about pizza and rainbows?

5. Rainbow Lollipop Cake

Source: Good Cook

Turn an ordinary store-bought cake into a fun-filled and delightful dessert with this easy cake hack. Insert colorful lollipops around the edge of the cake for a lovely rainbow effect!

6. Rainbow Chex Mix

9 Rainbow Food Recipes Your Kids Will Flip Over: Rainbow Chex Mix

Source: Tablespoon

Chocolatey Muddy Buddies and pretzels get coated with all the colors in this super simple, party-perfect rainbow snackable. This updated version is a sweet twist on the traditional mix, with bonus rainbow candy streaks!

7. Rainbow Veggie Skewers

9 Rainbow Foods Your Kids Will Flip Over: Rainbow Veggie Skewers

Source: Yuri Elkaim

These Rainbow Veggie Skewers are a feast for the eyes. A great way to get your kids to eat their veggies, these tempting rainbow skewers are perfect for picky eaters.

8. Rainbow Waffles

9 Rainbow Foods Your Kids Will Flip Over: Rainbow Waffles

Source: Tablespoon

Add color to breakfast with these cute and creative Rainbow Waffles. With whipped cream clouds and a fun “treasure” at the end of the rainbow, your kids will flip for this morning surprise!

9. Peanut Butter & Honey Pretzel Bites

9 Rainbow Foods Your Kids Will Flip Over: Peanut Butter & Honey Pretzel Bites with Rainbow Sprinkles

Source: Nature Nate’s

Rainbow sprinkles bring the party to these irresistible snacks! Simple and delicious, these Peanut Butter and Honey Pretzel Bites make the perfect lunch box munchie or party treat.


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