Staff Review Fun Products from Quirky

staff quirky product reviews

If you’re an avid reader of our blog, then you know that we love to highlight products that make your life easier. A few members of our staff are here today to share some Quirky product reviews of a few of their favorite items from You’re sure to find something for everyone, from carryall backpacks to smart home gadgets.

Converge Charging Station

quirky converge docking station

I needed a charging station that would eliminate the endless clutter of several USB chargers and wires. The Converge 4-port USB charging station is perfect for my phone, iPad mini and camera. It has everything I need and is easy to use. The Converge is a simple and straightforward device that I would recommend to anyone who needs to get rid of all the clutter. -ManLing He

Pivot Power Genius

quirky pivot power genius

The Pivot Power Genius is an intro to smart home automaton. It’s easy to set up, well-made, and functional with a bendable design and two “smart” sockets. Simply download the free Wink app, set your phone to full brightness and enjoy a 60 second light show that pairs your Pivot Power Genius to your phone.

My favorite feature is the ability to schedule the two “smart” sockets to turn on/off at any time, from anywhere using the Wink app–perfect for lazy days or simple home security. Overall, I would recommend the Pivot Power Genius in place of traditional surge protectors due to its ease of use, smart design and awesome build quality. -Chris Spohrer

Shake – Kids Backpack

quirky shake kids backpack

The Shake backpack for kids comes with a mesh-bottom to help shake out all the sand after a relaxing day at the beach. I wasn’t able to use it at the beach, so I decided to put it to the test at a very crowded music festival this past weekend. My final say is that this backpack is not only for the beach but great for day trips, picnics or a hike. It’s very small and compact so it’s easy to carry around.

What really impressed me was how roomy and durable it was! I stuffed everything in it to last me through the night (jacket, scarf, wallet, glasses, water bottle, etc.) and still had a good amount of space to put my friend’s things in as well. I definitely recommend this backpack to everyone and not just kids. -Nicole Lim

Contort Power

quirky contort power

The Contort Power with portable power and cord management is very sturdy. It is also very convenient as it has two USB port connections and a three-prong plug still that you can use at the same time. The built-in cable management helps, but could be flawed because it only drops to the left. The design allows the Contort Power to fit in your already crowded power strip. -Danny Ferreira

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