Quick Tips for Organizing Closets

Closet“Any closet is a walk-in closet if you try hard enough.” –Steve Connelly

We all want that picture perfect closet—walk-in, color-coded, matching hangers, and a spot for everything. But if you’re like many people, your closet may look more like a wardrobe-sized junk drawer.

Here are some quick and easy closet solutions that don’t require a remodel.

  • Extender rods will double your hanging space without requiring any tools.
  • Hang jewelry on a corkboard. Cover the board with fabric to give it a more chic look and hang it on your closet door.
  • Hang tights or scarves on a hanger to save space and easily take inventory of what you have.
  • Plastic dry cleaning bags can trap moisture inside causing discoloration and even mildew. Create your own breathable garment bag by cutting a small slit in the seam of a pillowcase so a hanger can slip through.
  • Flocked, slim-line hangers are a great space saver, plus your clothes won’t slip off. Return wire hangers to your dry cleaner next time you drop off clothes.
  • Store out of season clothing like snow gear and bulky sweaters in your suitcases to make the most of those space eaters.
  • Make a one-year rule in your closet. Hang clothes with the front facing to the right. Every time you wear something, hang it facing left. Next spring, take all the clothes still facing right and donate them.

One last tip: Bring order to the linen closet, too by storing sheet sets inside a corresponding pillowcase.


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