How to Add More Protein to Your Grocery Budget

How to Add More Protein to Your Grocery Budget |

The magic word on everyone’s meal plan is PROTEIN. This powerful food group can help you feel full longer and give you more energy throughout the day. But standard sources of protein — meat, seafood, dairy, and eggs — can also quickly add dollar signs to your weekly grocery budget.

Adding more protein to your diet (and budget) is easy if you’re open to being a little creative. Supermarkets are making it easier for consumers to explore a range of food groups and dietary choices. Get to know your local grocer to find out what they offer. If there is something special you need or want to try, ask for a special order. Often times your grocery store will try to accommodate your requests.

ShopRite stores across the Northeast launched its Power Up With Protein campaign. “When it comes to protein, we know that our customers are looking for delicious and healthy product options and recipes that fit into their busy summer lifestyles and provide solutions that their families will love,” said Natalie Menza-Crowe, ShopRite’s director of health and wellness. “This is why we’re so excited about our latest campaign, Power Up With Protein, which is designed to help consumers easily find great protein choices while shopping at our store.”

How to Add Protein to Your Meal Plan

Try these breakfast toasts to start your day with a little extra protein. Or enjoy the ease of these one pan chicken meals to make your dinner more satisfying. To save money on your protein purchases, look for coupons on turkey burgers, cheese and sausage links.

Adding eggs into your meatloaf or burgers not only increases the protein grams but also the flavor! For non-meat eaters almonds, beans and even kale offer significant amounts of protein.

Trying to get kids to eat their protein can be as challenging as getting them to eat their vegetables. . Get them to enjoy both by creating a fun hummus with veggie plate. Cut the veggies into clever shapes like cucumbers into stars or carrot sticks into octopuses.

ShopRite has posted shelf tags and posters to help customers identify which items are protein-rich plant-based foods, lean meats, powders and many other products. Customers can take advantage of the supermarket’s in-house team of over 130 dietitians who will help people make better, personalized decisions. “With our Power Up With Protein campaign, we can help shoppers easily find the protein-based products they’re searching for in a way that saves time, is convenient, and adds a fun twist to their shopping.”added Menza-Crowe.

How to Add More Protein to Your Grocery Budget |