Are Portable Heaters Safe in the Winter?


If you ask my children about the two things I dislike most, they will say traffic and being cold. I can’t stand that cold in my bones feeling that only goes away when I am under 50 blankets with two space heaters aimed at me and the heat in the house going full blast. Luckily, in Texas, I only have to deal with the cold a month or so out of the year. Even so, I have to make sure that whatever I am using to keep myself warm is safe for me and my kids. So if you want to keep portable heaters safe this winter, follow the tips below.

Be Mindful of the Space Around Your Heater

Give Your Portable Heater Some Space

I cannot express enough how important it is that you keep your space heaters away from blankets, curtains, paper, sofas, fabric chairs, clothing and flammable liquids. Keep the heater at least three-to-four feet away from anything that could potentially catch fire. Because space heaters are small appliances with huge wattage, they need to have their space to be hot. I put mine on my tile floor away from the wall and walkway and it still gives off plenty of heat in the room I am in.

Watch Your Kids

Watch Your Kids

Just as with fireplace safety, kids and things that are hot are not a good match. Portable heaters are generally small so kids don’t watch out as much for them. You do not want a burned calf as they brush by or a burned hand that thinks they can move it on their own. Teach your kids that they are just as hot and dangerous as the stove and never take your eyes off your kids when they are on. It also makes sense to not only turn them off, but to unplug them as well to be on the safe.

Don’t Leave the Heater Unattended

Dont Leave the Heater Unattended

Even if you are home alone and have the heater placed in a safe area, it is never a good idea to leave the room for an extended period of time while it’s on. That includes leaving it on while you sleep. You never know if there will be a spark, if the heater will malfunction or if something will cause it to catch fire while it is unattended. Just as you would not leave a fireplace going all night, don’t leave the space heater either.

Check the Heater Every Time Before Use

portable heaters

Storing heaters in closets or garages all year leaves them vulnerable to damage. A frayed cord, a broken grate piece or any other damage can cause the heater to malfunction. If you see any damage or have any question at all, call an electrician or toss it and get a new one.

Be Sensitive to the Cord

Watch Your Kids & Unplug

I found out recently that is it recommended that we do not use extension cords or plug space heaters into power strips. Only plug them into wall sockets. If, for any reason, the cord becomes hot or the power outlet becomes hot, turn the heater off and get it serviced. It is also unsafe to run the cord under area rugs or carpeting. The insulation can actually damage the cord.

Because portable heaters take so much energy and put off so much heat, they are a real danger if not operated correctly. Staying warm is important, but staying safe is imperative. Find great deals with Best Buy coupon codes to save on your purchase of space heaters and much more.


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