7 Hacks for the Perfectly Packed Pool Bag

Beach Bag Hacks
Long summer days have officially arrived! Time to head to the beach, or spend the day at the neighborhood pool. Before you head out for a fun day in the sun, try these 7 clever hacks to make sure your bag is well packed, your organization on point.

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7 Hacks for the Perfectly Packed Pool Bag

1. Repurpose a Sunscreen Bottle into a Toiletry Kit

Pack small toiletries like combs, feminine products and first aid essentials in an empty sunscreen bottle. Water resistant and the perfect size for pool bags!

HOW TO: Clean and dry an empty container. Use an exacto knife to carefully cut out space in the plastic lid.

Sunscreen Bottle Toiletry Kit

2. Create a DIY Key Keeper

Hide tiny items like keys, cash and jewelry in an empty deodorant bottle. Items will stay dry, and be less likely to be seen by prying eyes.

HOW TO: Once deodorant is empty, pull the center base from the center of the bottle. Clean with dish soap and warm water. Once dry, fill with your tiny essentials.

Beach Bag Hacks - Deodorant Keeper

3. Tote a Baggie for Your Cell Phone

Store your cell phone safely from water or sand by packing it in a sturdy Ziploc bag.

HOW TO: For best results, secure phone inside a quart-sized ziplock bag before you hit the pool or beach. You can still use your phone, but the bag will keep it clean and dry all day long!

Ziploc Cell Phone

4. Pack Assorted Snacks in Perfect Amounts

Reduce food waste by packing a variety of portable finger foods (like nuts, cereal, diced meats and cheeses) in a plastic jewelry organizer. The best part? Your handy plastic keeper will keep them safe from sand and water.

HOW TO: Search craft stores for food safe plastic containers with 1-2” sections. Clean before using.

Beach Bag Hacks - Snack Pack

5. Don’t Forget the Baby Powder!

Keep sand out of your car and off of your kiddos by including a bottle of baby powder in your bag.

HOW TO: When cleaning off at the end of the day, sprinkle a small amount of baby powder in your hand and rub on arms and legs to easily remove sand.

Perfect Beach Bag Hacks - Baby Powder

6. DIY Drink Packs to Keep Your Crew Cool

Quart sized Ziploc freezer bags, straws and tape are all you need to make extra-large drink packs.

HOW TO: Fill a Ziploc bag halfway with lemons and lemonade or juice. Freeze overnight, if desired. Before packing, tape a straw on the outside of each pack. To enjoy, slide the bag open just 1/2”, pop your straw inside and drink!

Perfect Beach Bag Hacks - DIY Drink Packs Ziploc

7. Use a Mesh Laundry Bag to Pack All Items

Repurpose an inexpensive mesh laundry bag as your primary pool bag. These lightweight bags dry out quickly and make it easy to shake out sand.

HOW TO: Look in the homeware section of your local grocery store or dollar store to find one of these bags. Pack with everything you need and hit the pool or beach! Happy summer!

Perfect Beach Bag Hacks - Mesh Laundry Bag


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