Easy Gourmet Meals at Home: My Plated Review

Easy Gourmet Meals at Home: My Plated Review | thegoodstuff

We busy moms know that getting dinner on the table can sometimes be a struggle.

Between juggling appointments, errands, and busy kids and husbands, sometimes there’s not enough time to make a meal from scratch. Other times we may just be fresh out of ideas for what to cook next!

I’ve been hearing about meal in a box services for some time now, so I decided to give them a try to see if they’re actually worth the cost. (You can find my Blue Apron review and Hello Fresh review here, too.)

This time around I decided to order a Plated meal box and give it a whirl. Here’s how it went!

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The Ordering Process

The Plated website is very simple to use, both for initial signup and for managing an ongoing subscription.

A customer service representative was standing by on their chat service while I placed my first order, which was very convenient for getting quick answers to questions.

The website lists very detailed information about each recipe, including dietary considerations, prep time, calorie count, cooking method (grill or stovetop), and if a dish is spicy, which makes it easy to choose what will work best for you.

Easy Gourmet Meals at Home: My Plated Review | thegoodstuff

Plated Meals: Grilled Chicken with Romesco Sauce and Tomato-Green Bean Salad

Shipping Cost

Shipping is always free!

Delivery Time

You can choose a regular delivery day, but you need to have the food ordered at least six days in advance, so plan ahead for special occasions.

Meal Variety

I chose from seven menu items for my three-meal box. You can specify your protein preferences and they’ll suggest certain meals, but it’s easy to select something different. You can even add on dessert for an additional fee!

Special Diet Options

The meal choices on the website are very clearly marked with dietary considerations such as vegetarian, paleo, contains nuts, low-calorie, and gluten-free.

Easy Gourmet Meals at Home: My Plated Review | thegoodstuff

Plated Recipes: Grilled Steak with Italian Street Corn and Basil Pistou

Ingredients & Packaging

What Came in My Plated Order

You can choose from a two-, three-, or four-meal box, and all meals are $12/person.

The default order size is for two people, but you can just ask if you’d like to have a box delivered with four or more servings. I went with the recommended order, which was three meals for two people.

The meal boxes are packed so they’ll remain cold on the porch until midnight on the day of your order, which is convenient. My order arrived right on time and contained three bags of ingredients, one for each meal. The proteins were packed in the bottom of the box on ice.

I loved that the ingredient bags didn’t take up a ton of room in my fridge, and almost all of the Plated packaging is recyclable.

Easy Gourmet Meals at Home: My Plated Review | thegoodstuff

The ingredient list for the orecchiette with Italian sausage was minimal yet packed with flavor.

Ingredient Quality

The ingredient quality was top notch, and I loved that each ingredient was labeled to tell you which meal it goes with for easy reference

All ingredients come whole and unwashed, which means it’s up to you to do all of the cleaning and chopping.

Recipe Difficulty & Taste

How Easy Was It to Make My Plated Meals?

Each box comes with full-color recipe cards for your selected meals. The recipe cards are very easy to follow, and there are photos to guide you each step along the way.

The meals were super speedy to put together, and I appreciated that the ingredient list for each recipe was minimal because it saved a lot of time to have less ingredients to prepare!

Easy Gourmet Meals at Home: My Plated Review | thegoodstuff

Plated Recipes: Orecchiette and Italian Sausage with Summer Squash and Sage Brown Butter

How It Tasted

The food was delicious and the recipes were unique and full of flavor. The chicken with romesco sauce has gone into our regular dinner rotation!

The portion sizes were a little inconsistent; the pasta serving was very generous, but the steak meal was not quite as filling.

My Family’s Reaction

My daughters adored the orecchiette pasta dish, and my husband loved the flavors in the steak. The meals were very family friendly and it’s easy to control the level of spice to suit your family’s preferences.

Would I Order Plated Again?

I would definitely order from Plated again, it’s a great choice for busy families who are looking to cook simple yet flavorful meals.

The wide variety of menu options and detailed information about each recipe makes it simple to make a selection your family is guaranteed to enjoy. I can’t wait to see what they send me next!


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