How to Plan Your Perfect First Trip to Hawaii


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Say aloha to your dream vacation and pack your bags for Hawaii. This ocean paradise consists of eight main islands, each with their own unique features and vibes to suit everyone from the newlyweds on a romantic honeymoon to the adventure seeker looking to catch some major waves to families wanting some fun in the sun.

What is the best island to visit in Hawaii? All of them!

Despite the islands’ small size, in many ways there is almost too much to do in Hawaii. If you’re planning your first trip, your best bet is to decide just what kind of holiday you’re looking for and plan from there.

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Romantic Rendezvous


Maybe you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary or booking a honeymoon, or perhaps you simply want to get away from it all with your partner. Hawaii offers plenty of amenities and atmosphere for the romantic in all of us.

The Island: Kauai

When you’re looking for alone time, finding a secluded spot is the first step. Kauai is the oldest and most northern island, and boasts some of the most spectacular natural sights.

The Activities

Po’ipu Beach – Voted one of America’s best beaches, this consistently sunny part of the island is the perfect place to catch some rays and snap a few selfies.

Helicopter Tour – There’s so much natural beauty in Kauai, it’s easy to run out of time to see all the gems of the island – from breathtaking waterfalls to rugged cliffs. A helicopter tour ensures you take all the magnificence in!

Spa Visit – A romantic trip wouldn’t be complete without a little time to relax and unwind. Get a taste of local culture by visiting Anara Spa for a Hawaiian Alii Facial, which uses tropical botanicals to refresh the skin.

Adventure Seekers


Despite being a wildly popular tourist destination, Hawaii is also home to plenty of activities for thrill seekers. The good news? Virtually all of the islands have something on offer to get you in touch with your wild side.

The Island: Big Island

The big ‘Kahuna’ of all the islands is the aptly named Big Island, or The Orchid Isle – it’s actually bigger than all of Hawaii’s other islands combined, and offers a range of pulse-pounding activities.

The Activities

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – Lace up those boots and get set for the hike of a lifetime when you tour this amazing park. Be sure to catch Kilauea, the world’s most active volcano, and explore the beautiful nature trails around it.

Whale Watching Cruise – Set sail and take in the incredible marine life that surrounds the Big Island. Hawaii is famous for its large humpback whale populations, but you may also catch dolphins, sea turtles, or even a whale shark!

Manta Ray Diving – Want to get up close and personal with the creatures of the sea? Try a night dive with Hawaii’s manta rays, who can have wing spans of 10 feet or more!

Family Fun Time


Hawaii is a completely family-friendly destination, with literally hundreds of activities to keep kids, tweens and teens occupied – when they’re not busy splashing around by the pool.

The Island: Maui

The beach should be a key part of your planning for a family trip, and Maui arguably has the best variety of all the Hawaiian Islands.

The Activities

Farm to Table Feast – Maui is known for its impressive agriculture and locovore movement. Treat the family to an authentic Drums of the Pacific Lu’au and enjoy local delicacies like Huli Huli Chicken and Macadamia Nut Lu’au Cream Pie.

Atlantis Submarine Tour – Journey 100 feet under the ocean’s surface to get up close and personal with Hawaii’s sea creatures. It’s a great pick for younger kids who may not be up to Hawaii’s more physically demanding activities.

Maui Treasure Hunt – Want to explore the island but make it a bit more engaging than a regular hike? Try booking a Maui Treasure Hunt, a family-friendly activity for kids as young as five, which includes hiking, a private lagoon swim, and of course, hunting for loot!

Sports Fans


Not content to sit on the beach and soak up the sun? Hawaii is a sports lovers’ paradise, with plenty of activities to get your heart pumping. Don’t push yourself too hard though – consider booking one sporty excursion a day and taking the rest of your time to enjoy Hawaii’s sights, sounds, and tastes!

The Island: Oahu

Oahu is the most populated island of them all, giving the region a buzzy, energized vibe. With top surf spots and vibrant nightlife, it’s the place to be for those that want to get the most out of their Hawaiian vacation.

The Activities

Star Beachboys Surf Lessons – Hawaii’s surf scene is world-renowned. If you’ve always dreamed of hanging 10, the Hyatt has teamed up with Star Beachboys to offer special rates on surf lessons for everyone in your group. North Shore is the place to be for big time waves!

Waikiki Stand-Up Paddleboarding – This popular water activity is the perfect mix of peaceful and physically challenging. Work your core and take in the crystal blue waters as you paddle around this hot beach destination.

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve Snorkeling – Not every sporty activity you take on needs to be high impact. This beautiful area is considered one of Hawaii’s top snorkeling spots.


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