Inspire Kids to Save with These Fun Piggy Bank Crafts


Teach kids that saving money can be fun by creating one of these very original piggy bank crafts. Whether you transform a classic ceramic pig into something truly unique or upcycle an empty container into a crafty creation – these piggy banks are sure to inspire kids to start saving. Here are 13 of the most creative savings centers for kids:

1. Superhero Mason Jar Piggy Banks

Superhero Mason JarSource:

Turn your kids into super savers with these superhero Mason jar piggy banks.

2. Paper Mache Piggy Bank

Paper Mache Piggy BankSource:

If you’re feeling really crafty, try your hand at this Paper Mache piggy bank.

3. Coffee Container Mouse Banks

Coffee Container MouseSource:

A Folger’s coffee container makes the perfect Minnie or Mickey Mouse piggy bank. A great way to save up for a Disney trip!

4. Soda Bottle Piggy Bank

Soda BottleSource:

Spray paint a 2-liter soda bottle and easily turn it into a piggy bank. Don’t drink soda? Use pink fabric softener containers for a similar effect.

5. Save, Spend, Give – Piggy Bank Pringles

save give spendSource:

Teach kids how to save, give and spend with this trio of transformed Pringles containers.

6. Leave Your Mark

ceramic sharpie banksSource: 

Buy a plain ceramic piggy bank from a craft store and make it your own with colorful sharpies.

7. Use Chalkboard Paint

chalkboard piggySource:

That’s not the only way to transform a ceramic pig. Spray it with chalkboard paint and kid’s can write whatever motivational words they want.

8. Cleaning Wipes Change Jar

Cleaning Wipes Change JarSource:

After you’ve disinfected the house, turn an empty cleaning wipe container into a change jar. It comes with a printable label too.

9. Responsibility Station

Responsibility StationSource:

This responsibility station doubles as a chore center and has zipper pouches where kids can stash cash for giving, saving and spending.

10. Porkfolio


Looking for a high tech way to save from Quirky? Check out the Porkfolio, which lets you track your piggy bank contributions on your smart phone.