Gourmet Southern Cuisine in a Box — My PeachDish Review

Gourmet Southern Cuisine in a Box — My PeachDish Review | thegoodstuff

Any mom knows the struggle of getting a meal on the table that everyone will eat.

Not only do you have your own schedule to juggle, but you have to find the perfect dish that pleases every picky eater at the table. Sometimes we may even be fresh out of ideas for what to cook next!

In an effort to reduce my time in the kitchen (and at the grocery store!), I decided to try some meal in a box services. (You can find my Blue Apron review, Plated review, and Hello Fresh review here, too.)

This time around I decided to give PeachDish a try and gave it a whirl. Here’s how it went!

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The Ordering Process

The website is a little confusing; you load up your cart first with individual meals and don’t actually get an option to create a subscription until the payment page. However, you can login with your existing Amazon account, which does help to simplify the initial ordering process.

All menu items are clearly marked with dietary considerations and preparation time, which makes it easy to choose the meals that will work best for you.

Gourmet Southern Cuisine in a Box — My PeachDish Review | thegoodstuff

PeachDish Recipes: Chicken Breast with Baby Bok Choy and Ginger Broth

Shipping Cost

A minimum order of $45 is required. My shipping cost for two meals was $22, and if you commit to a weekly subscription they take $7 off the shipping amount.

Delivery Time

You can choose your regular delivery day, but you need to have the food ordered at least five days in advance, so plan ahead for special occasions.

Also, deliveries in my area are only available three days of the week.

Meal Variety

I chose from eight meal options for my order. Half of the meal options were vegetarian, the rest included chicken, pork, and fish. Only two of the vegetarian options had a protein component, the others were starch-based.

Special Diet Options

The meal choices on the website are very clearly marked with dietary consideration,s such as vegetarian and gluten-free.

Ingredients & Packaging

What Came in My Order

You can choose any number of meals you’d like to receive each week, and all meals are $12.50/person.

You can order anywhere from two to 12 servings of each dish. That’s a lot of flexibility!

My PeachDish box arrived on my porch right on time. PeachDish gets an A+ for presentation; each meal comes in its own decorative mesh bag tied with a bow. The meat comes packaged in a separate sealed envelope to keep it away from the produce and other fresh ingredients in the bag.

They even included a little surprise treat which was a fun touch! Mine came with two bonus pieces of chocolate and apples, fun!

Gourmet Southern Cuisine in a Box — My PeachDish Review | thegoodstuff

It was fun to discover these apples and chocolates that were included in my order!

Ingredient Quality

The ingredients were high quality, and I appreciated that both meals included specialty ingredients that I wouldn’t normally buy such as kombu seaweed, wild mushrooms, and handmade gnocchi.

The delicate gnocchi tasted good but didn’t do well during the shipping process and were all stuck together in a ball. I had to pick them apart by hand to separate them, which added to the prep time.

Gourmet Southern Cuisine in a Box — My PeachDish Review | thegoodstuff

The ingredients come packed in bags and take up minimal fridge space which is always a plus!

Recipe Difficulty & Taste

How Easy Was it to Make My PeachDish Meals?

Each box comes with recipe booklets that give you detailed instructions on how to cook your meals. The recipe instructions were very easy to follow.

The gnocchi meal was fairly quick and simple to put together, but the chicken breast with bok choy took close to an hour, partially because the brown rice had a long cook time.

Gourmet Southern Cuisine in a Box — My PeachDish Review | thegoodstuff

PeachDish Meals: Gnocchi with Chicken, Pesto and Snap Beans

How It Tasted

The meals were full of flavor; I loved the variety of wild mushrooms in the gnocchi dish and the accompanying pesto sauce tasted freshly made. The ginger kombu broth that flavored the chicken was very unique and refreshing.

Portions are on the small side; for the gnocchi meal I received less than a cup of gnocchi to feed two people and for both meals the chicken breasts provided were smaller than what I typically see at my local grocery store.

My Family’s Reaction

My whole family loved the gnocchi dish; even my veggie haters happily ate the mushrooms and snap beans!

The dishes are simple enough to appeal to younger palates, yet are plenty flavorful for the adults.

Would I Order PeachDish Again?

I would order from PeachDish for special occasions when I want a meal with high-end ingredients.

While the food was delicious, the high cost per meal, small portions, and steep shipping charges made it seem like a rare indulgence rather than something I’d order on a regular basis.