Passover Seder Menu Inspired by Traditional Recipes

Passover Seder menu

The Seder is a ritualistic meal observed by Jewish people during Passover. The Seder involves retelling the story of liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.

A traditional Seder meal includes six symbolic foods that represent slavery and freedom of the Jewish people, and each of the six foods has a special significance in retelling the story of the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt. Along with the six symbolic foods, a Jewish table is set with the finest silverware and place settings.

Find out below how to serve a traditional Seder dinner for Passover using fresh, simple recipes that represent each of the six symbolic foods. Whether you’re hosting a traditional Seder dinner for the fiftieth time or the first, these recipes are beautiful versions of traditional favorites.

Share Karpas


One of the traditional rituals of Passover, karpas stand as a symbol of the bounty of fruits and vegetables from the springtime harvest. Traditionally, parsley dipped in salt water is served and eaten. But other customary representation of karpas are raw onion or boiled potato.

TRY THIS: Serve The Good Stuff’s recipe for Seder Hasselback Potatoes as a twist on the traditional.

Make Matzo


Source: KitchMe

Matzo is unleavened bread eaten by Jews during the Passover holiday. The Israelites left Egypt with such haste that the bread they were making didn’t have time to rise, and this is represented by matzo.

TRY THIS: Serve this Matzo Ball Soup that’s made with matzo crackers and matzo meal.

Enjoy Zeroa


Source: KitchMe

Zeroa, a roasted leg of lamb, symbolizes a sacrificial lamb offered in the Temple of Jerusalem. Since the destruction of the Temple, zeroa serves as a visual reminder of the sacrifice.

TRY THIS: This roasted rack of lamb is tender, succulent, delicious addition to the Seder table.

Serve Charoset


Source: Elana’s Pantry

Charoset, a sweet, fruity dish, holds a special, symbolic place on the Seder table, being a reminder of the mortar which the Jews used to bond bricks while enslaved in Egypt.

TRY THIS: This version of charoset goes light on the sugar, and has the perfect balance of nuts and dried fruit.

Make Beitzah


Source: Picky Palate

Beitzah, or hard boiled eggs, symbolizes a festival sacrificial offering. The roundness of the egg also symbolizes the cycle of life, the continuous flow between life to death to rebirth, and the springtime renewal of Passover.

TRY THIS: Learn how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs from Picky Palate.

Savor Maror


Source: NYTimes

Maror, or Bitter herbs, are part of the Seder ritual, symbolizing the bitterness of slavery experienced by the Jews in Egypt. Endive, romaine and chicory are present on many ritual platters, but they also appear in salads served with the meal.

TRY THIS: This Bitter Herb Salad works well on the Seder table.

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