Save Hundreds of Dollars by Brown Bagging Lunch (VIDEO)

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Money Minute Day 11

Savings expert, Jeanette Pavini discusses how packing lunch instead of eating out can save you hundreds even thousands of dollars every year!

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Hi, I’m Jeanette Pavini, Savings Expert for, here with your Money Minute and today it’s all about brown bagging it.. It’s a simple tip that can truly save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year.

A classic deli lunch with a turkey cheese sandwich, cookies, chips and iced tea cost on average $11.50 at most delis. But when I did a brown bagging experiment, I was able to get that same lunch for $2.53. That’s a $9 per day savings! So even if you brown bagged it two times a week, that’s a $936 a year savings.

And it’s not just packing the lunch, but using your tried and true grocery shopping strategies like browsing store ads and clipping coupons for items like deli meat, cheese, juice and granola bars.

While frozen meals and premade grocery items may cost more than making your lunch from scratch, you can still save substantially buying these convenience items versus going out to lunch.

That’s your Money Minute, so start brown bagging it and we’ll see you next time!

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