10 Mix & Match Items for Holiday Party Outfits


During the holiday season, it’s easy to run into the same friends each weekend at different parties. Unfortunately, that means that you’ll need to wear different outfits to each event, but who wants to spend tons of money on a new holiday wardrobe when you’re already spending your paycheck on gifts for loved ones and a skyrocketing electric bill. We’ve decided to solve this holiday dilemma for you by demonstrating how you can mix and match 10 fashion items to create a variety of holiday party outfits!

The 10 Items You’ll Need

10 Mix & Match Items

It only takes 10 staple fashion pieces to create multiple looks for the holidays. You’ll need a pair of dark jeans and a  lace dress to serve as the foundation of your outfits. The jeans can be styled in a dressy or casual fashion, and the dress can also serve as a skirt when layered with a top! For tops, you’ll want to invest in a cable knit sweater, a cute top, and a beaded cardigan. These tops can easily be worn year-round, and they combine with the jeans and dress to create numerous looks. You’ll also need two pairs of shoes including booties for casual looks and a stunning pair of black pumps for fancy affairs. To finish the look, simply add a statement necklace, black handbag, or black tights!

Look #1: Casual Party with Friends

Casual Party with Friends

This holiday look is perfect for a casual holiday get together with friends. Create the base of the outfit with your dark jeans and cardigan sweater, and add a bit of personality to the look with your statement necklace, black purse, and black booties. This outfit is cute and incredibly comfortable!

Look #2: Fancy Cocktail Party

Fancy Cocktail Party

For our second holiday outfit idea, we’ve created a classy ensemble for a fancy holiday party. The lace dress is the star of the show in this outfit, and you’ll just need to accessorize with a fantastic pair of pumps, a dazzling statement necklace, and a black handbag. The finished look is elegant and refined.

Look #3: Trendy Rooftop Party

Trendy Rooftop Party

Our third look demonstrates how easy it is to mix and match our ten staple items. Start by layering a cable knit sweater over your lace dress to create a trendy outfit that looks like a skirt and top. To insert a bit of edge to the look, add a black of opaque black tights along with black booties, a statement necklace, and your black handbag. With a few simple steps, you’ll look like you stepped out of a magazine cover!

Look #4: Family Dinner Party

Family Dinner Party

For our fourth and final outfit idea, pair a cute top and beaded cardigan with your dark denim jeans. To dress the look up, add a fun pair of black heels and a fancy black handbag. This outfit couldn’t be sweeter for a family dinner party!

While we’ve only shown four outfit ideas, these ten holiday fashion staples can be mixed and matched to create over a dozen outfits! Plus, all of the items are classic pieces that can be worn throughout the entire year. Now that you have a variety of outfit options, read our latest beauty articles to get quick and easy hairstyle ideas, including ideas for short hair hairstyles!


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